Jet Set Zero Italy: Week 5 Roundup

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Find out what the girls were up to during Week 5 in the roundups below, written by Courtney Scott ( and Sarah Bailey. And watch Italy Episode 1 on Jet Set Zero!

Nettuno by night.

In Week 5 of Jet Set Zero’s Italy adventure, the girls faced their final job placement as English teachers.  Lynne and Courtney were sent to the baseball capital of Italy, while Sarah and Perrin felt Italy’s Southern hospitality in a piccolo paesino (tiny town) near Salerno.

Courtney’s Recap:
The Gods were in their favor when Lynne and Courtney got sent to Nettuno, a town right on the Tyrrhenian Sea and aptly named after Roman mythology’s God of the sea, Neptune.  Arriving just in time for Fourth of July, the girls escaped near-100-degree temperatures at the local beach where sunning was serious business.

Lynne and Courtney take a coffee break at work with Caffe del Nonno

Keeping cool was the difficult work this week, but a daily supply of Caffe Del Nonno, Italy’s rich creamy espresso drink majorly helped their cause.  Another cooler-offer was the area’s best artisanal gelato at Gelateria Conforti.

Courtney’s American-Italian host family took her for a visit of Nettuno’s famous Sicily-Rome Cemetery which covers over 77 acres and contains nearly 8,000 headstones of American soldiers lost in World War II.  While Lynne’s host family had their own vineyard and winery right on their property and invited us all over for a sampling of their local varietals.

The girls celebrated their final job assignment of the summer and made a quick departure to the train station to continue their adventure.  Their celebration quickly turned to desperation as they encountered one of Italy’s notorious train strikes.  Stranded on the platform, they got inventive with ways to entertain themselves and eventually made it to one of their favorite regions in Italy, Napoli.

Sarah’s Recap:

Sarah and Perrin preparing to sprint down to the beautiful beaches of Salerno.

When Perrin and Sarah received their week fifth teaching assignment, they were terrified.  They would be the only tutors with 24 students in a nun-run school in Castel San Giorgio, a Southern town that was so small it was only visible on the Google map when you used the highest zoom.  The camp was also run by nuns and this made them a little nervous.  Could they still singing the “drop your butt” part of their opening song?  Luckily they were put at ease the moment they arrived.  The camp director was easy going and they lived in a sorority of an apartment with seven other tutors and infamous Southern beaches and Pompei were just a 30-minute bus ride away.

They had a great week.  The kids were easy to handle and at night Sarah and cameraman Bogdan discovered some obscure hiking trails to keep themselves entertained.

Sarah and Perrin showing love for pasta during their factory tour.

The town was also so small that the ACLE team knew everyone and they arranged for the JS0 team to tour the oldest pasta-making factory in Italy, one of the best experiences from the trip.  It was a good way to close out their experience with ACLE.  And man, did we learn a lot!

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