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Food News, New York City, United States — By on September 4, 2010 at 12:00 pm

By Danielle E. Alvarez
LG Food Editor

A roundup of the most delicious news in the world


Feast this Labor Day
Farmer’s Market season may be coming to an end, but the exotic excitement is just beginning. This upcoming Labor Day, (September 6,  from 12pm – 5pm),  Flushing, Queens will host the first Asian FEASTival. Beyond the expected food tasting and samplings of Asian specialties, New Yorkers and visitors can expect to listen in on Asian spice discussions and take an Asian eatery bike ride, in addition to other Asian cooking and culture activities. Buy your tickets now for a $5 discount.

Camping Corkscrews
The mini-obsessed, innovative Brits from True Utility have done it again. Known for their pocket gadgets for backpackers, their most recent development, the world’s smallest corkscrew, is wino-friendly, too. Roxanne Weber at CHOW.com has confirmed it’s functional and can easily attach to a standard key ring. What are you waiting for?

Eggy without the Eggs
In response to the 500 million egg recall in August, (and 1,300 reported salmonella illnesses) diners and cooks across the United States are being advised to approach their favorite egg dishes with caution, or perhaps, avoid them all together. Thankfully, there are alternatives for recipes: Pureed fruits or flaxseed with water (1/4 cup for every egg) substitute when eggs are used in a recipe as a binder; yogurt works in lieu of yolks as leavening agents; and fruit juice suffices when eggs are moisturizers. Check out more at the Eggless Cooking Blog.

Save the Russian PotatoesSweet Potato Greens
Seventy years ago, with the Germans blocking food supplies to the USSR, a group of scientists in St. Peterberg let themselves die before losing their rare collection of potato and plant seeds. Today the collection, and other rarities, are being threatened by another dire force — real estate developers. According to NPR, “Losing acres of the Pavlovsk collection — including hundreds of varieties of strawberries, plums, blue honeysuckle and other fruits that appear at risk, depending on the precise plots sold — would be the latest chapter in a long story that may say a lot about Russia.”

Food Bloggers Unite
Foodies from around the world flocked to Seattle this past weekend for the Second Annual International Food Blogger Conference. Panels included the Secrets to Urbanspoon’s success, the Art of Recipe Writing, and Social Media. Dianne Jacobs, the best-selling author of Will Write for Food, restaurateur John Howie, and CEO of Intellectual Ventures Dr. Nathan Myhrvoid were among the many well-known faces that spoke and held presentations. Seattle Food Geek has a detailed recap for gourmands who couldn’t make it.

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