How To Improve Your Life!

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You don’t have to do something as drastic as The Lost Girls and quit your job, sell all your possessions, and live out of a backpack for a year to add a sense of discovery to your life. Here are four quick ways you can uncover that open state of mind that travel often brings—and live more mindfully—in your everyday life:

  • “Get Lost” in What You Love: Of course, traveling is a great way to escape day-to-day life, but there are also ways to “get lost” at home. It’s all about getting out of your comfort zone or doing something you love. If you’ve always wanted to try yoga, sign up for a class. If you want to experiment with making different kinds of foods, visit a specialty food store or farmer’s market in your hometown. Holly’s favorite way to get lost is to hop on her bike without an agenda or a map to explore new neighborhoods.
  • Give Back to Your Community: Volunteering boosts self-esteem, energy and gives a greater sense of purpose. Those that are receiving your gift of the time, energy, and love also benefit greatly. Find opportunities with causes you are passionate about – like working in a homeless shelter, or helping with a recycling initiative – and get involved.  Do
  • Pursue a Passion Project: Want to take a year off to pursue a project that you know will improve your life-and the world-but don’t have the time or the money? Here is your chance to take the leap! The Lost Girls are working with IKEA for something we strongly believe in: The chance for one person to win a yearlong sabbatical (worth $100,000) to launch a project that improves the lives of others in their community. You have until November 8th to go to and submit your essay about your vision and how you would spend the year to achieve your goal of helping others.
  • Give Yourself a Break: Consistently working long hours or making too many personal sacrifices for a job can lead to burnout. In fact, according to a new survey (by StrategyOne), many Americans (89%) currently see work/life balance as a problem, and note they are spending less time with family and friends. Give yourself a break – and don’t feel guilty! Whether it’s asking for a sabbatical, or setting boundaries on your accessibility during off-time (e.g. – if you can’t go the entire weekend without checking in with the office, commit to reading your work emails just once a day, and a predetermined time), it’s important to carve out time for yourself.
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  • Very insperational, I will definitely consider the sabbatical 🙂

  • Another option is to travel locally for the weekend! Go somewhere you’ve never been in your own state, and explore with no particular plans. Always fun.

  • AnitaMac says:

    Very useful tips. I think the break – even if it is just turning off your blackberry in the evening, is a great one! I think we have become a culture of always on – my last vacation (Prague) was great – my phone and work can not follow me to Europe – it is a total shut down! Felt better than I had in ages….need to do more of that. Love your idea Matt – get out to a new locale on the weekend – doesn’t have to be far.