The LG Weekly Travel News Roundup: 11.19.2010

Weekly Travel News — By on November 19, 2010 at 6:00 am

By Candace Rardon
LG Intern, Travel News

Missed the big travel stories of the week? And the weird, wacky and insignificant ones? We’ve got your roundup right here…

Virtual strip searches leave air travelers up in arms
Groping, fondling, “enhanced pat downs”…the wording being used to describe the TSA’s new security measures is anything but comforting. If you’re opposed to the new full-body scanners, you’re not alone: a website has been created to support the movement against the Advanced Imaging Technology (i.e. naked body scanners) the TSA is now incorporating as a part of airport security. Next Wednesday, November 24th has been declared National Opt-Out Day, whereby passengers can bypass the scanners in favor of a pat down. Are you in or out? Source:

Airline passengers vying for “grown-ups only” flights
We’ve all been there…just about to settle in on a long-haul flight, watch a movie or maybe catch up on some sleep, when a cranky toddler two rows back starts getting vocal. Although many of us have grown to accept this as inevitable as the tiny bags of pretzels that now pass as airline food these days, other people are beginning to push for child-free flights, or at least “family-only sections,” as a way to keep the peace while up in the air. Source: NY Times

It’s not all magic and Hollywood for Chinese tourists in California
Large groups of Chinese tourists are ubiquitous in many of the world’s big cities, but it seems they’re causing a bit of controversy as of late. With more and more Chinese visitors to the U.S. booking their trips with China-based guides rather than utilizing their American counterparts (thanks to a change in Chinese law in 2007), organizations such as the China Inbound Travel Association feel they are losing a lot of their business. This has led to several run-ins between guides, especially in California, where a guide from Beijing claims to have been punched by an American tour guide. Ouch.
Source: LA Times

British man arrested for losing his cool in Dubai airport
A 34-year old British man has reminded us of the importance of not letting our “air rage” get the best of us when traveling, especially when passing through places like Dubai. After a female airport employee refused to let Paul Anthony use a desk phone, he began cursing at her and gave her the finger as he walked through border control. It wasn’t long before she called authorities and he was arrested, held in a Dubai jail for three days. Karma? Source: USA Today

Travel News Bits

Phone apps hope to make traffic jams a little less sticky
A review by the New York Times’ Practical Traveler takes a look at three new phone apps that make waiting for the radio traffic report so 2003: Google, Waze, and Inrix. All work by using the information from your GPS-enabled phone and factoring in reports of traffic, accidents, closed roads and the like. The apps even allow interaction between drivers, in what Waze refers to as “geo-gaming.” Source: New York Times

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