5 Spring Break Ideas for You and Your Girlfriends

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After toiling away all winter, there’s something immensely appealing about the idea of escaping the daily grind.  Whether or not you’re pursuing a higher education, just the phrase ‘spring break’ conjures up thoughts of a change of scenery.  It’s the perfect time to kick back and relax, or to kick it up a notch.  Whatever you’re into, be it sunning or schussing, there is something out there for everyone.  If you only have a week of freedom your choices are somewhat limited, but here are some options to tempt you.  Most of them won’t take you too far from home;  not too much time lost to travel.

Tip:  If you’ll be leaving the country (yes, including Canada or Mexico) remember that a passport is required.  If you need one start the process early enough – give it at least 2 months to be safe – so that you have it in time.

1)  The Classic

Spring break used to be all about hopping in a car with a bunch of your friends and driving south until you hit the beach.  There can be a lot more to it these days, but if pool parties and never-ending night life is what you crave, look no further.  Florida is for you.  Not all Florida cities are welcoming to the spring break crowd – Fort Lauderdale for example is not interested in the riotous scene anymore.  Others actively encourage the drunk and disorderly action;  Panama City Beach and Miami (ahem, Jersey Shore?) being two of them.

2)  The All-Inclusive

If you’re so done with making choices for a while and just want to veg, an all-inclusive resort vacation could suit you.  Your biggest decision every day will likely be “pool or beach?”  From airfare to activities, everything is included with one of these vacations.  You’ll find most of the all-inclusive resorts clustered in warm weather destinations with a major presence in the Dominican Republic and Mexico.  Many of the big name resorts have more than one lodging in any given location and usually you’re able to shuttle back and forth between them.  Tip:  To save some money on the package deal don’t spring for the ocean front rooms…walk the hundred or so yards to the beach.

3)  Head To The High Seas

A cruise vacation is a fantastic way to escape the real world for a while.  Cruise ports are within driving distance for over half of the US population (and a quick flight for the rest of us), so it’s also a relatively hassle-free way to get away. You can easily take a cruise vacation in your week off;  itineraries start at as few as 3 nights..  Cruising is somewhat inclusive – your stateroom, food and most shipboard activities are part of the package deal, but not usually shore excursions or alcohol – and very affordable.  There’s a group benefit to cruising too…gather enough of your friends to join you and you could cruise for free.   Tip:  Most mainstream cruise lines require that at least one person in a cabin be over the age of 21.

4)  Active Pursuits

If basking in the sun is not your thing or you can’t bear to pack your snowboard away just yet, maybe you need to head north instead of south.  Our friendly Canadian neighbors are host to many world-class ski mountains.  Whistler in the west or Mont Sainte Anne in the east are a couple of the most popular destinations.  The ski mountains usually boast plenty of snow until late April and are an easy drive from major Canadian cities.  Tip:  head to the Province of Quebec and you’ll feel like you’ve visited Europe without the long flight or the unfavorable exchange rate.

5)  Up Your Karma Quotient

If you want to come away from your break with more than a hangover, consider a volunteer vacation.  This altruistic type of travel is becoming more popular all the time.  You can visit somewhere new, help those in need and add new skills to your repertoire, usually for a reasonable expense.  In some cases the cost for food and lodging is covered in exchange for your time.  The possibilities for locations and tasks are vast – think rebuilding houses in New Orleans or teaching English in Africa.  Habitat for Humanity,  Global Volunteers and United Way are all great places to start your search.  How impressed will potential employers be when they see this on your resume?

Photo Credit:  Horia Varian, bettybraun/flickr
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