Meet, Plan, Go!’s Career Break Basic Training

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Ever find yourself whiling away the hours, dreaming of worldly adventures—while sitting on your butt at home? We know it’s hard to take the plunge! There’s lot to do and think about when planning an extended vacation. For that extra push, bits of advice, or even a how-to or two, check out Meet, Plan, Go! Career Break Basic Training.

Created by Michaela Potter and Sherry Ott, of websites Briefcase to Backpack and Three Month Visa, with travel coach Tara Russell—no strangers to career breaking—Meet, Plan, Go! Career Break Basic Training. is a self-paced online course and social learning platform where people with the dreams of taking a career break or sabbatical to do extended travel can come together in a community learning environment and realize their travel dreams.

“Many times people who are preparing for a career break or long-term travel experience can feel very isolated, given that a life sabbatical tends to be a fairly unique endeavor in American culture,” said Russell. “However, members of Basic Training. are part of a community comprised of people preparing for life on the road as well as a large number of travel-savvy been-there-done-that experts to encourage and keep them motivated.”

Each of the eight lessons have a defined objective and touch on key concepts—finding inspiration; overcoming mental hurdles; saving and budgeting; alternatives to traditional tourism; owning your journey; essential to-do list items for the road; home and career; and preparing for re-entry. Basically, everything you could possibly want or need to know.

Video and audio files accompany the lessons and offer even more in the way of recommended reading; resources, tips gleaned from experts in financial planning, international volunteering, teaching ESL, insurance, and downsizing, among others.

The course is delivered on a social networking platform that encourages interaction among the participants, instructors, career break vets, and current on-the-road career breakers. Conversations and sharing can take place in many places such as the weekly lesson forums, group discussions, personal blogs, and chats.

“(It’s) been a wonderful way to hear from similar minded travelers,” said Beta participant Kelsey Hertig. “Hands down though, the insights that each of you have shared from your experiences and the encouragement you’ve offered have been my favorite part of the course.”

For a complete description of Meet, Plan, Go! Career Break Basic Training, click here. You’ll be that much closer to jumping on that plane and getting on your way!

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