The 3 Best FREE Online Travel Video Editors

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by Brooke Schoenman
LG Tech & Gear Editor

Travel videos are sometimes the only way to truly explain experiences that don’t quite suit words. What happens, though, if you get some really awesome travel video that you’d like to share with the world but you’re without a laptop? Whether it is broken or you just didn’t bring it, there is still hope when it comes to being able to edit and produce a semi-professional clip, all from the courtesy of a website accessed at an Internet cafe. Check out this list of the best free online travel video editors to get you on your way!

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1. YouTube Video Editor

youtube editor

YouTube now provides a very basic video editing program as a free feature. This program will let you trim, combine, add transitions and pick music for your existing YouTube videos. That said, you have to upload your raw footage to YouTube first, but perhaps you can keep it as private until the final video is made. You won’t be creating anything fancy with this editor, and do be aware that choosing music from the library may result in ads being displayed on your video. Still, it is quite easy to use for the most basic video needs on the road.

2. One True Media

one true media

One True Media is really great for video and photo mashups and slideshows. Once you upload your footage and media, you can choose a theme and music for a professional show feel. After you’ve completed your project, you can upload directly to Facebook and YouTube to share with the world. They also sell the DVD version of your video if you’re looking for a homemade style gift.

3. JayCut


JayCut will take your videos to the next level. This free online editor offers a full range of features, including the ability to add voice over recordings from your microphone. There are two video tracks, an extra audio track and a number of transitions to choose from. Not only that, but this program gives you the ability to work with a green screen (if you are so lucky).

Things to Keep in Mind

The option to edit your travel videos when without a laptop of your own is fantastic, but unfortunately, it won’t work everywhere. You will need a decent connection speed to be able to work with these programs (or else you’ll spend tons of money at the Internet cafe), and you’ll probably need to be somewhere with relaxed rules on bandwidth usage (or else you’ll spend tons of money). To give you an idea, places in Africa, and places in Australia, will be hard to fully take advantage of these web tools.

Additionally, if making videos on the road is something that interests you, this article on how to edit travel videos may help. The points mentioned will get you thinking more about what you can do both before and during the editing process to make your videos come alive.

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