The LG Travel News Roundup: 1.28.11

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By Candace Rardon
LG Section Editor

Missed the big travel stories of the week? And the weird, wacky and insignificant ones? We’ve got your roundup right here…

German restorers bring ancient Syrian statues back to life

They may not look like Humpty Dumpty, but a team of restorers in Germany have managed to put something else back together again–3,000 year old basalt statues and stone reliefs originally from a palace in northeastern Syria. The statues were discovered in the early 20th century by archaeologist Max von Oppenheim and were on display in the Pergamon Museum in East Berlin until bombs destroyed them in 1943. In 2001, restorers began to piece together the nearly 27,000 fragments that resulted from the destruction and now their efforts are back on display!   Source: Yahoo

UFOs not blamed for mysterious crop circle in Indonesia

The success of bestseller Eat, Pray, Love has drawn much attention to Indonesia, but this past week, the country slipped back into the global spotlight with the appearance of a crop circle in Sleman, Indonesia. Discovered in the middle of a rice field by a farmer at six in the morning, the circle itself measures seventy yards wide and has been carefully designed to resemble a geometric flower. Despite the insistence of UFO supporters that extraterrestrials are responsible for the circle’s creation, the Indonesian Space Agency assures us otherwise: it is most assuredly man-made. Source: AOL

England looking to place the country’s forests on the market

From the northern Lake District down through the Cotswolds to New Forest, there’s no denying England is well-known for its pastoral natural settings, but the UK government’s most recent idea to raise funds involves selling off the country’s forests to private buyers. Currently, the Forestry Commission owns about 18% of the woodlands, but their new scheme to privatize will generate £100 million (almost $160 million). And how do the Brits feel about placing their beloved forests at risk? A public poll this week revealed 75% of the country is against the move. Source: Gadling

The King lives on in Graceland

Heading to Memphis anytime soon? A number of upcoming anniversaries–55 years since the release of Heartbreak Hotel and 35 years since Elvis’ death–mean Graceland is due for an expansion or two. March 1 will mark the opening of a new exhibit, Elvis! His Groundbreaking, Hip-Shaking, Newsmaking Story, that has been in Washington D.C. for the last year. Included is an old army uniform and his iconic white “American Eagle” jumpsuit from 1973. One can only imagine what the King would say if you paid him a visit: thank ya, thank ya very much. Source: Yahoo

Travel News Bits

Rough Guides contest gives new travel writers a step up into the industry
A 500-word essay is all it takes to win a new contest sponsored by Rough Guides and BikeHike Adventures. The winner receives an opportunity to work with a Rough Guides author and spend three weeks–all expenses paid–in Turkey.
Source: Gadling
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