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Travel FreelancingWant to get paid to travel? If you’re interested in sharing your travel experiences, there are several travel websites that accept pitches from freelance writers. Here are a few of them, and what they pay per word or post. If you know of any other great sites for freelancers — that either pay or publish for experience — please let us know in the comments as we’re planning to expand this list! Also: We plan to do a “How to Pitch” series with some of these websites, so stay keep checking this page for an updated list!

Travel Websites That Pay for Freelance Articles and Posts

  1. Travel Belles $10 per post. Read our guide to pitching The Travel Belles here!
  2. Lost Girls World ($12 per Travel Guide or “Pitching 101” article) Find out how to write for Lost Girls World by clicking here.
  3. Jaunted; ($15 posts video posts)
  4. Hotel Chatter ($15 posts and video posts)
  5. Oyster Locals ($25 per post)
  6. GoNomad;; Click here for Go Nomad submission guidelines. Read our guide to pitching GoNOMAD here!
  7. Gadling,; $25 per post
  8. The Expeditioner,; $30 per article. Read our guide to pitching The Expeditioner here!
  9. BoostnAll;, $30 to $50;  For BootsnAll Submission Guidelines click here. Read our guide to pitching BootsnAll here!
  10. New York Times, “In Transit”; $50 per post
  11. AOL Travel; ($250  – $400 for 750 words)
  12. Transitions Abroad;, $50 to $150 per piece; Click here for Transitions Abroad submission guidelines. Read our guide to pitching Transitions Abroad here!
  13. Slate;; $.50 per word
  14.;; $.75 per word
  15. Budget Travel; $.50 to $1 per word
  16. Fashionable Bride;; $1 per word
  17. MSN;; $1 per word
  18. Travel and Leisure;; $1,000 per article (Check out their “Web Exclusives” under the “New This Month” tab)
  19. AARP;; $1.70 per word
  20. Matador Network; (Various). This site also occasionally calls for submissions.
  21. World Hum
  22. Galavanting;; $15 for all published pieces except features, which net $50. Read our guide to pitching Galavanting here! 
  23. Unanchor:; $100 per self-guided tour itinerary
  24. Locationless Living; $10 per 250 word article.
  25. Recommend; $0.30 per word. Read our guide to pitching Recommend here! 

Travel sites that accept submissions for experience, rather than a payment

  1. Nat Geo Intelligent Travel
  2. Pink Pangea
  3. Huffington Post Travel; (Here’s an interesting Q&A with HuffPo’s Travel Editor Kate Auletta, courtesty of

Some ideas and rates courtesy of, JoAnna Haugen

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