Lost Girl of the Week: Gaylen Clutter

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This week’s Lost Girl, Gaylen Clutter, knew from a young age that she loved adventure. She used her college years to explore the world, everywhere from living in a flat in Paris to hiking in Morocco. Since graduating college, she has found a career that she loves, but hopes to find a way to combine her career and her passion for the world around her.


From a young age I have always been an independent and take charge kind of girl spending most summers I can remember (or perhaps they were the only memorable ones) at summer camp for weeks on end. Whether in the mountains at Girl Scout Camp or convincing my parents to fork up the money for two months at surf camp, I loved the adventure and meeting new people (keeping in touch with some of them to this day!). And during the year while I wasn’t dreaming of my next summer adventure my family and I would take camping trips and continue to explore new places through road trips.

When it finally came time to choose a college leaving California to go out of state only seemed natural to me. Go explore a new place, be a new person, and see what it was like to live in a different environment. I finally settled on moving to Boulder, Colorado and going to the University of Colorado. It then came time to decide what I would do that first summer after spending a year away from California, and my sister came up with a brilliant idea. She has never been one for much adventure on her own and had wanted to travel abroad. It being her senior year of college this was her last shot to study abroad and keep her on course for her all-important career (she is very focused and driven). She found a program that would give us six weeks of traveling (London, France, Amsterdam, Belgium, Switzerland, and Italy) and studying art history through Europe with a group of about 25 other students from across the country. With the help of our grandmother and my entire savings account to fulfill mine and my sister’s new goal of traveling abroad together, we did it and thus started my love for traveling to other countries!

After returning to yet another year of college in Boulder it came time for my next adventure. Throughout the year one of my best girl friends in my sorority had been talking about her Dad having a flat in Paris for the summer and I should come visit. I knew I could never come up with the money to fly there after spending all my savings the summer before with my sister, her Dad offered to pay for my flight. So for the second summer in a row I spent a little over a month traveling Europe with one of my best friends! Life couldn’t get any better!

In my junior year of college, it was no surprise to my parents that studying abroad would be in the cards for me after having heard me talk nonstop for the past 6 months about this program called Semester at Sea. I spent the spring of my junior year falling even more in love with traveling then I ever thought possible and have not been able to stop thinking about it since. I spent 106 days traveling to 12 countries experiencing the monumental sites of some places and just experiencing the culture and everyday life of people in others. From soccer games in Spain, hiking miles and miles to Berber villages in Morocco (absolutely life changing) and sand sledding in Namibia. It was the most amazing, eye opening, and life changing experience of my life.

I have since graduated from the University of Colorado and am working in an amazing field that I love so much, as a freelancer in sports television. But I still find myself everyday dreaming of my next adventure (and saving every penny I can). And what is my next adventure you may ask?? Well when I was having a difficult time finding a job my mom came across a company in Australia that will help people working freelance in television get connected and find work. Even after landing enough work to stay in Colorado the idea of Australia hasn’t left my mind and I believe it is a goal I will soon reach.

I have even caught myself dreaming of beyond my last day in Australia (away from the safe bet) and all the other places I dream of going to and going back to. I also know I am young and eager but have confidence that things will work out and I can hopefully combine my love for what I do (TV) and my love for who I am… a traveler.

Feel free to read of my travels on SAS at www.gaylenclutter.blogspot.com.

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  • Jessie says:

    Hey Lost Girl!

    I’m writing because I’m curious about how it was like for you in Paris 🙂 and what you would recommend for me. I am going hopefully on my own in September-December. I enjoyed your blog by the way I’m Augustine as well on your blog.

    Thanks for the read and safe travels.