The LG Travel News Roundup: 2.18.11

Weekly Travel News — By on February 18, 2011 at 6:00 am

By Susmita Baral
LG News Intern

Missed the big travel stories of the week? And the weird, wacky and insignificant ones? We’ve got your roundup right here…

Lost & Found: 19th Century Whaling Ship

A Nantucket whaling ship from 1823 that met its tragic end after being sunk by a whale has been found. The ship, whose tragedy served as inspiration for the Herman Melville classic “Moby Dick,” was found 600 miles from Honolulu, Hawaii. George Pollard, the whaler, returned to become a night watchman after the boat sunk as it was the second whaling boat that sunk under his command. Funny to think that one man’s career ending made another man’s career! Source: AOL

Phantom footprints uncovered in Britain

Archeologists in Yorkshire made public photographs of footprints of a child from two thousand years ago in Roman Britain. The footprints included a right print and two left prints, suggesting that the child was hopping. While the footprint was not preserved, archaeologists found plenty more: evidence than the Romans wore socks with their sandals, foundations of buildings, a millstone, coins, pottery, glass and a skeleton of a sacrificed horse. SourceGadling

High-End Restaurant…Literally

A restaurant called Atmosphere has opened on the 122th floor in the world’s tallest tower—Dubai’s Burj Khalifa. In order to reach the restaurant, one has to take a 57-second ride up 1,350 feet in a glass and chrome elevator. The restaurant is so high, that it makes the visitors ears pop and it is not recommended to go up and down more than twice. Your ears and fear of heights aren’t the only things this restaurant will take a toll on—the prices are fairly hefty so your wallet may take a hit as well! Source: MSNBC

Marine 9-1-1: Squid Down.

Rare sighting: A 3-foot-long orange and yellow squid washed onto Delray Beach, Florida. The wounded squid was squirting ink profusely; beachgoers helped get him back into the sea by transporting it in a cooler until a lifeguard released him into the sea. It’s incredibly unusual to sight a squid so close to the sunlight and near the shore line as they usual habituate deeper in the ocean where it’s dark. Source: AOL News

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Travel News Bits

New super-jumbo jet gives you the chance to fly for free

To celebrate the arrival of their sixth A380 super-jumbo jet–the world’s largest plane–Germany’s Lufthansa Airlines is running its SeatTweet contest for a free seat on the new flight…but hurry, the contest ends on February 19th. Source: Gadling

Thumbnail courtesy of AOL and AP

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