Air Travel News 03.01.11

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by Nancy Yeomans

LG Air Travel News Editor

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird….it’s a plane! No….it’s your weekly air travel news! Here’s what’s happening in the world of aviation, from the ground up.

Kudos To IndiGo

Apparently not everyone knows that women can do everything that men can do.  An IndiGo flight from New Delhi to Mumbai had it’s departure delayed because a male passenger became agitated when he heard the voice of a female pilot.  After 40 minutes of disturbance the chauvinistic chap was escorted off the plane and the flight continued on without incident.  Guess he’s not aware of how many female air traffic controllers are out there?   Source:  AOL Travel

Water:  No:   Guns:  Yes

So, it should be good news that TSA is testing it’s own system by sending agents through the security scanners with guns on their person.  Except that those guns got through every time without detection. The fallout?  Absolutely nothing.  Cynicism aside, it sure doesn’t make me feel very safe.   Source:  Jaunted

It’s Just Perfume

I would love to be able to purchase items from the Duty Free shops at airports and carry them on to the plane.  But despite an attempt to ease up on the 3 oz. liquid ban currently in effect, officials at European airports want no part of it.  They maintain that the current technology regarding liquid explosives is not to be trusted.  So for now we’ll still have to take our chances with packing that red wine in our checked bag.   Source:  NYTimes

Price Still Deciding Factor

Brand loyalty goes by the wayside when it comes to purchasing an airline ticket.  While airline passengers do acknowledge the differences between airlines, price is still what determines which airline they will fly.  In addition, airlines are crying foul when it comes to the proposed passenger facility charge.  Seems that with the billions of dollars in baggage fees collected by the airlines last year they should be able to absorb the cost and not pass it on to the flying public.   Source:  Chicago Tribune

Earn Or Buy Your Miles?

Most airlines’ frequent flyer programs are (intentionally?) confusing and frustrating.  Belong to any of them and you’ll likely receive correspondence about ‘great’ deals and discounts when it comes to buying extra miles.  When, if ever, is that a good option?  Not often as it turns out, but here are some instances when it might be to your advantage.   Source:  Yahoo

New Routes This Week

This weeks new routes are via Alaska, United, Frontier, WestJet and Continental.   Source:  Jaunted

Photo credit:  gary soup, nechbi/flickr

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