Jordan: A Welcome Map to the Middle East

Jordan — By on March 1, 2011 at 12:00 pm

By Brittany Gowan, LG Foreign Correspondent

When I left my job and life in NYC last fall, life transitioned from everything familiar to the instant unknown. Even though I had travel plans, plane tickets, a scheduled calendar, and family and friends to see, I wasn’t sure what would come of my time away.

Traveling to Jordan, I reunited with best friends, learned about their homeland, and explored their terrain. I went only knowing two people and left not wanting to say goodbye to many new friends. My time there was enlightening and friendships were strengthened by sharing time and experiences.

I can’t thank my friends Kal and Sammy and their families enough for their hospitality and eagerness to show and tell. Nasser, thank you for driving this blonde American on our “day of adventures” from Amman to Petra, then Aqaba, and back. Also, to the other people I met, I thank you for welcoming an outsider in and making me feel accepted for who I am and not just because of associated friendships.

The world is big and across country lines, faces, beliefs, traditions, and values change with the landscape. Our differences make us unique but our commonalities reveal similarities and create links to mutual understanding.

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