Cape Town’s Must-Do Outdoor Adventures

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By: Laura Malandra

Cape Town and its surrounding areas are the perfect playground for novice to expert adventure-sports enthusiasts. Between the various mountain ranges and the ocean, the possibilities for outdoor adventures are endless. Cape Town is not a vacation spot for couch potatoes, so make sure you take advantage of the great outdoor adventure activities in South Africa! Here are some not-to-miss activities:


No matter what you want to call it, lowering oneself down a mountain and waterfalls is an adrenaline rush. Commonly called rappelling in the U.S. involves lowering oneself with a rope coiled around the body down a mountainside. Prior experience is not needed, and it is pretty easy to get the hang of. You can make it a full day trip or an afternoon activity.

Frixion Adventures provides affordable great trips for all group sizes and skill levels. The day includes transport, a light breakfast, equipment, lunch and even a cold beer at the end of the day. The site, about an hour outside Cape Town, is a private estate that only Frixion has the rights to abseil on. The staff is friendly, experienced and a fun group to spend the day with.

Cost: Half-day trips start at R650 ($93 US dollars) with a full day at R950 ($136 US dollars). Transport to and from will cost R100 ($14 US dollars), but if you have a group of ten or more you can get the transport for free.


With all of the mountains, soaring off of one is the best way to see all of the beautiful landscapes of Cape Town. Adventures can start off of Signal Hill, Lion’s Head and more. With a tandem paraglide, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the view as the pilot leads you through a 15- to 25-minute flight.

Birdmen’s friendly staff is accommodating to groups and very flexible with scheduling. Besides tandem flights, they also provide instruction, day trips and group tours.

Cost: R950 ($136 US Dollars) for one tandem flight. You can also have in-flight photographs taken for an extra R200 ($30 US dollars.)

Shark Cage Diving                                                                                                                                                  

Remember watching Shark Week on the Discovery Channel this summer? Well, this is where all of the Great Whites live. There is no place better than Cape Town, to “swim” with the sharks. Although the activity is a step on the wild side, shark cage diving is safe because you are within a metal cage when you go under. If you are lucky, all types of sharks—including the Great White—will be swimming around you.

Shark Lady is the only all female operator in the industry who is committed to conservation and education. This hands-on operator comes highly recommended by travel magazines and travelers’ reviews.

Cost: Will vary depending on what type of trip you choose, but it will probably range around R1400 ($200 US dollars.)

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