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Volunteering & Giving Back — By on March 28, 2011 at 6:00 am

By Holly C. Corbett, LG Executive Editor

The Lost Girls Races Village VolunteersThe Lost Girls Races

Myself and six other runners are gearing up to do the Seneca 7, a  77.7 mile relay race in the Finger Lakes, next month. Fellow Lost Girl Nancy is also running the Tough Mudder in Vermont the weekend after. We’re doing it to challenge ourselves while raising money to help send girls to school through Village Volunteers. It’s almost April and temperatures in upstate New York are still below freezing. But that’s not stopping us from strapping on our running shoes to start training. Especially with the motivation of wine and a bonfire waiting for us at the race finish line. Hey, we need to make it fun!

Village Volunteers

Now that we’ve chosen our race and gotten our team together, we need to start the most important part: fundraising!
Find out more and how to donate by clicking here.

Your donation to The Lost Girls Races via Village Volunteers goes to The Butterfly Project scholarship fund, which creates college education opportunities for promising young East African women who are committed to serving their rural communities through careers in education or nursing, but lack the necessary financial resources to pursue their dreams. Here are what some of the Butterfly Project recipients have to say:

“Most parents believe that it is a waste to educate a girl because they feel that girls never aspire to higher levels. When I stand out as a qualified professional lady through my school, no parent will still be willing to keep their daughters at home. They will make sure girls are taken to school.” Nancy Atieno. Haydom School of Nursing, pictured

“As it is said, when a woman is educated so is the entire community. When I am educated I uplift others and will work to inspire other women to do the same.” Celestine Baraza School of Nursing

“As a girl child getting an education, it will encourage my entire community to be a literate and free community. When women are educated, they can argue on certain issues and offer equal opinions despite our gender. This is all because education is the best equalizer.” Georgina School of Nursing

Our goal? For the seven of us to raise $250 each for girls’ education for a total of $1750. We can not do this without your help! Here is how you can make a difference in less than a minute:
1. “Like” The Lost Girls Races Cause app on Facebook here.
2. Click on the widget below to donate whatever amount you can and support Team LG and girls everywhere!

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