3 Outdoor Activites Near Cape Town

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By: Laura Malandra

You can spot penguins, swim in two oceans, and walk in botanical gardens by taking a short drive from Cape Town. Here are three must-see attractions for nature lovers:

Boulder’s Beach

A few kilometers south of Simon’s Town is Boulders Beach, which is home to African penguins. The colony of penguins has been attracting tourists to the sandy beaches since 1985. Since there is no record of birds in that area it is quite unusual that the penguins selected Boulders Beach as their home. Yet the area, which is now apart of Table Mountain National Park, provides a great day to get close to the penguins. If you are lucky you may even be able to swim with them. A short train ride or drive from Cape Town is the best way to get there.

Cost: Entrance to the Boulder’s Beach: R40 for adults (about $6 US dollars.) Child and student prices are available.

Cape Agulhas                                                                                                                                                                                      

Cape Agulhas is home to the southernmost point of Africa and the meeting point Indian and Atlantic Oceans. This must-see destination is about a two-hour drive from Cape Town and something every tourist should check off there to do list. After checking out the beautiful scenery at the southernmost and shipwreck, there is a nice beach to spend the afternoon on. After all, how many people can say they swam in two oceans at the same time?

Cost: Free to enter.

Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens

At the foot of Table Mountain, lies Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens. These gardens are filled with endless paths and lawns surrounded by stunning plant life. Special features of the garden include a scent garden, sculpture ground and more. On select Sundays throughout the summer there is an outdoor concert series that is sure to please any age group. Many concertgoers bring a picnic and make an evening of the event.

Cost: To the garden: R35 for adults (about $5 US dollars.). For the concert series: R75-R120 for adults (about $11 to $18 US dollars.) Student and child prices are available.

Any of these activities are sure to make for a relaxing Sunday so go explore and enjoy a day in and around Cape Town!

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