Lost in the Stars: What Your Zodiac Sign Says About Travel

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By Kayleigh Minicozzi
LG Contributor

The time has finally come for break plans. You’ve worked hard all winter and those well deserved vacation days are burning a hole in your pocket. As the Go-Go’s “Vacation” streams through the earphones of your iPod, you begin plotting. Preparing for your long overdue spring getaway can be a time-intensive process. Not wanting to go just anywhere, you’re prepared to put on your detective hat and do the research to escalate your trip from a leisurely break to an epic adventure.

So like a clever lost girl (or boy) you’ve met with your travel agent, consulted your favorite travel blogs and received referrals from backpack-toting friends but still can’t decide on an ideal agenda for the impending retreat. What’s next? How about you turn to the stars for answers?

The personal narratives told by our zodiac signs give us insight on everything from the prospect of love to the likelihood of a major career shift and can indeed tell us a lot about our travel preferences and habits. Check out our zodiac travel guide below to learn more about how your sign can inform your travel choices when planning your next trip.

Aries (March 21st-April 19th)

Aries are a breed ideally made for exploration and travel. Naturally adventurous, outgoing and strong willed, individuals born under this sign push forward with their horns in the air and are not afraid to take risks. More importantly they aren’t quick to take no for an answer and often utilize their adaptive nature and creativity to blaze their own trail which is ideal when planning trips off the beaten path. This need for adventure and clear leadership streak makes the Aries more attracted to personally crafted adventures over the pre-planned tour bus type trips. Weaving a smorgasbord of active and informative activities hand picked from recommendations from locals is an Aries’ ideal getaway. These individuals are completely comfortable conquering a new site solo but often make travel companions along the way with ease at hostels or hidden hotspots they discover. Once on a trip Aries put their instinct of impulse to good use and rarely hesitate when a unique and exciting change of plans presents itself but instead live in the moment which can make for some unforgettable travel memories.

Taurus (April 20th-May 20th)

Symbolized  by the stern and steady bull, individuals born Taurus are cautious planners that wouldn’t dream of packing up and taking a last minute jet-set. Their most obvious qualities are practicality and efficiency which they leverage in ever situation from deciding what to pack into a suitcase to stalking out the best flight deals online. For Tauruses, the enjoyment of travel begins far before the plane takes off because they thrive when in control and genuinely enjoy the planning period of trip preparation. Being spontaneous is not in their nature, so if you travel with them be prepared to have your days mapped out and to be on time to each event. With an earmarked and highlighted Forbes travel guide in hand, they want to take it slow and soak it all in but in a structured and well plotted manner. Tauruses don’t usually travel often but when they finally make the trip they make it worth the wait but taking a long and lavish trip full of top hotels, restaurants and sightseeing.

Gemini (May 21st-June 20th)

Social butterflies at heart those born under the Gemini sign deeply desire interacting with other people. They are super talkative and aren’t afraid to engage in discussion even with strangers they just met in a comfortable and friendly manner. This characteristic comes out in full force when they travel, so stopping and talking with tour guides, locals and fellow travels is to be expected. One reason Gemini are so chatty is they retain information with ease and love opportunities to share the information stored in their brain. Because of their thirst for tip bits of information, these individuals often seek out opportunities to absorb mini-history lessons through their travels. Trips to historic places narrated by an engaging guide or short jam-packed adventures where they can learn a little about a lot of things are ideal. One caution when planning a Gemini excursion is that long, leisure trips are not their style, so cancel any plans to chill out on an exotic beach. Gemini enjoy trips best when they are quick and chock-full of adventure and bonus points if they don’t have to bring much because they like to travel light to avoid being weighed down.

Cancer (June 21st-July 22nd)

Cancers are tightly attached to their shells and rarely like to budge from the comforts of their hard protective dwelling. Family-oriented, domestic and home-bodies, they love the stability, consistency and familiarity of their natural surroundings and are very cautious to venture out of their comfort zone. When the travel bug does bite, their trips are not super adventurous and usually mirror some of the familiar comforts of home. A cozy cabin in the woods, fully stocked hotel with all the amenities or visit with distant relatives are all ideal outings because the crab can continue to nest just in a different location. If vacations are on the horizons for Cancers they will ultimately gather a posse of friends and family to head out with them because although they enjoy consistent alone time, they are instinctively connected to kin. Cancers can also be huge creatures of habit and are drawn to visit the same destination time after time. It’s in their best interest to give into this sentiment because they never get board discovering new things about the consistent surroundings and will leave the trip more relaxed and rejuvenated because they avoided the stress of adapting to a new place.

Leo (July 23rd-August 22nd)

The lion has historically been a symbol of royalty, used on medieval coat of arms to distinguish those of power and prestige. Following in the transition of regal destiny, those born as Leos see themselves as powerful, exuberant and deserving of a luxurious good time. When they travel or plan trips, the sky is the limit and it’s first-class all the way. From their modes of transportation to the places they stay, Leo’s don’t know the definition of roughin’ it. In their minds, they’re super stars and deserve A-list treatment every step of the way. An ideal getaway involves getting pampered with spa treatments, dinning out at five star restaurants and being seen at places considered exclusive and exotic. Beneath their pompous and dynamic persona is a truly genuine and generous individual that likes to share their good fortune. Splurging for their entourage to enjoy the spoils of their lavish vacation is a frequent gesture of Leos, so be sure to stay on their good side!

Virgo (August 23rd-September 22nd)

Virgos, unfalteringly organized and meticulous, are the masters of purposeful travel. You won’t find them taking a trip just because they feel like it but instead will be met with a well organized flow chart highlighting the hypothesis that lead them to plan the journey. At their core Virgos are cautious and reserved so it’s hard for them to accept sending money on themselves for some R&R. Because of this trait they tend to plan trips that have an overlying objective or productive outcome. Perhaps they plan to write a paper on ancient Greece and justify a their trips to the Isles as research or they were already heading to the west coast on business, so they plan to extend their stay to forge strong business relationships. No matter the trip Virgos will have an intellectually useful outcome in the end. While traveling Virgos obsess about maintaining their compulsive orderliness and are the best people to stand behind in airport security. They have the perfect amount of liquids compartmentalized, don’t have an ounce of medal on them and are barefoot and ready to walk through the metal detector from the minute they step in line.

Libra (September 23rd-October 22nd)

Balance and fairness are the two most important things to a Libra, so when it comes to trip planning they rarely focus on what they want and aim to please their travel companions. In situations when they are preparing for an outing with a group of friends or a partner, they tend to be most happy and satisfied when they are able to look around and see that others are enjoying themselves. Group travel packages such as all-extensive tours or cruises where there are diverse activities to satisfy ever taste appeal most to Libra because they are able to sit back and relax because they know there is something for everyone. Beyond their desire to please, Libras are also full of surprises and can be very silly when their let their hair down. Dressing up, creating a new persona and crashing an exclusive party in a foreign land is the perfect fuel for the Libra’s desire for attention and proximity to luxury. Don’t be surprised if among the practical traveling gear in their luggage you find a sequence party dress tucked away just in case the moment strikes.

Scorpio (October 23rd- November 21st)

Scorpio’s are motivated and consistently working at self-metamorphosis. They want to evolve, transform and improve and because of that are drawn to seeing new places, people and things as often as possible. Unwavering in their pursuits, Scorpio’s can surpass any obstacle when they put mind over matter. Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, riding a camel through the Arabian Desert or deep sea diving off the Pacific are all reminiscent of the life milestones the Scorpio plans to conquer and are usually a central theme in their travel endeavors. Since the journey they choose is about transformation, the Scorpio is reflective during their trip and often takes back more from the sites and local people than just photographs. Life lessons on their trip will deeply affect the Scorpio’s focus and perspective and they often return from exotic locations changed from the experience. Scorpio’s are the best individuals to plan a voyage with if you’re looking to scratch something off your bucket list and ready to take the road less traveled.

Sagittarius (November 22nd-December 21st)

Nestled deep in the Australian bush, acclimated with a tribe of aborigines and learning their customs through participation is where you will find a Sagittarius. Their vacations are not about relaxation and comfort but rather exploration and the quest for insightful experiences. Excitement doesn’t come to them from looking at historical sites at a distance. They want to experience, taste and interact on their journey and would relish the opportunity to zip-line through the rainforest or live on a family farm in Poland. The charismatic personality of the Sagittarius allows them to connect with individuals from different cultures on a deep level and in the end they do not appear to be a visitor but rather a long lost relative. Individuals in this sign tend to make travel extend into a long tern learning experience through volunteering focused careers, study abroad and leveraging well maintained relationships. They’re not afraid to venture out alone and often aren’t ready to come back until they’re uncovered a deeper meaning of life.

Capricorn (December 22nd-January 19th)

Ambitious, powerful and forthright, Capricorns are the Donald Trump, board room CEOs of the astrological signs. They are focused on achieving success and have an uncanny ability to set a vision and achieve it with hard work and persistence. These mountain goats love high places and are fascinated by the idea of tall empires and physical representations of success. Walking through the passageways of the ancient Roman Coliseum or marveling at the pyramids of Giza would be highlights of the Capricorns trip and would inspire them even further to achieve greatness. Additionally, since Capricorns are savvy and work hard for their money, they also like to play hard and won’t be afraid to spend a buck to enjoy their adventure. Plush airline seats and grand hotels are right up their ally and they’re likely to splurge on extravagant meals to celebrate the feat for the eyes they experienced during the day.

Aquarius (January 20th-February 18th)

Simple, compassionate and moved by injustice, the Aquarius is always ready to take up a cause and engage in humanitarian efforts at home and abroad.  They tend to make their travel plans on a whim and most of their travels are made up of visits to places where they can experience something new and also do some good. Options like organic farming abroad through WOOFING.com, joining the Peace Corps or spending a month of their summer break with a vista service program like Habitat for Humanity in the US are all appealing to an Aquarius. These individuals may have a huge heart but they are not big into the details. The actually logistical planning of vacations and service trips are not their specialty and they often rely on a friend from a more focused sign to book the airfare and check the train schedules.

(February 19th-March 20th)

Give them a beach vacation or a visit to a tropical island and the Pisces is right at home. The water sign fish loves being near the ocean and is overcome with a calming sense of peace when they hear the waves hit the shore. Although they love water, cruises are not a good fit for this sign because of their wild imagination and sense of adventure. The Pisces need to be able to roam free and explore and can’t be constrained to the walls of the lower deck. Getting the opportunity to experiment with photography, painting or pottery while on holiday would tap into the creative vein of the Pisces and make for a truly memorable trip. The one cautionary note that arises from the characteristics of this sign when traveling is the need to reign in their whimsical spirit occasionally to ensure you stick to a schedule when it comes to making it to the airport for a flight or arriving on time for a dinner reservation.

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  • Lis says:

    Wow, this is a good read! Very reflective of the general attitude and characteristics of people towards travel.. But it doesn’t hurt if you display a different habit towards travel, eh? 😀 Great post!

  • Lauren says:

    I agree with everything about Gemini except the part about long leisurely travel to exotic beaches. I definitely love all kinds of travel and am a beach bum at heart so I won’t turn down this kind of excursion. 🙂

    Love this post! Thanks LG!

  • Flavia says:

    This was such an interesting and unique take on horoscope readings! I really loved this post, and the info applied to so many people in my family, which was awesome to see! Thanks for your continued creativity with your articles, LG!