What to do in Marbella

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By Michal Kniec

Sunny Spain offers an enormous amount of opportunities to see both scenic views and experience the vibrant cultural customs. With each city offering something new, Marbella has a lot to offer with its many attractions. Whether you’re like me and want to relax on the warm beaches or just catch a wave, the city offers a great deal to explore.

Knowing what to do and where to get the best budget offers may be the biggest tasks ahead of a weary traveler. I know through my own journeys that planning ahead means saving big bucks. With an assortment of attractions my list of popular activates in Marbella will allow you to enjoying the city with a few extra coins in your pocket.

Where to stay

When selecting a hotel, luxurious prices don’t necessarily mean luxurious standards. While Marbella is not short of five-star hotels, there are plenty of great places to stay that offer phenomenal views and great service. The Hostel Berlin located in the heart of the city starts from £24 a night and offers great value for its price. Situated on a small street lined with flowers, the staff’s friendly dog really makes guests feel welcome when visiting this wonderful place.

Places to eat

Eating out in Marbella leaves you with a great deal of choices, many being priced quite reasonably for such a popular tourist location.  A personal favorite of the locals, as well as myself, is the truly sensational Sensations Deli & Sushi. With most foods priced between £5 and £30 the Japanese specializing restaurant lets you experience a bit of the orient on Spanish shores. Always fresh, the California rolls are truly to die for!

Hitting the Town

With so many different activities to do, shopping can indeed be a great way to release those nerves. With the high street as well as La Canada shopping center holding some high end stores like Versace, looking at the local clothing can be a great way to show your support of the area as well as receive quality goods for a reasonable price.

History and Culture

With a lineage tracing back to Phoenician and Carthaginian cultures, Marbella, also known as the “Salt City” by the Romans, offers a lush historical legacy. The Murallas del Castillo is a must see on the outskirts of the city, combining the various traditions that embody the area. The Muslim Castillo dating to the 10th century had been added onto throughout the ages, with many rumored secret passes lurking beneath the walls. While certain parts inside are not open to the public, the walls and otherwise enormous land upon which the castle stands offers a great deal to the amateur archeologist within us all.

Day at the Beach

Spending a day on Marbella’s beaches has been a favorite activity for many visiting tourists. Hiring a parasol and sun-bed for around £4 you can spend the day on the Costa del Sol where you can relax to your hearts content. With small bars spotted all around the area, taking a break to grab something to drink is certainly recommended. Sipping on your piña colada and looking out into the sunset, Marbella is indeed one of the premier locations to spend your holiday.

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