The Lost Girls Top Secret Girlfriend Getaway – Guess Where We’re Going!

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The Lost Girls surfing

The tail end of our RTW adventure at "Secret Spot X" in Australia!

Four years ago, when my fellow Lost Girls Jen, Holly and I returned from our big international journey, we made a pact: To travel together—at least one week, every year, for the rest of our lives.

Back in 2007, with our backpacks still dusty from the road and riding on a high from a major mission accomplished, we figured that devoting such a short period of time to something we loved should be a piece of cake. Clearly, we had no clue what a tremendous challenge it would be to keep our promise!

Even though we know firsthand how much fun taking a  girls’ getaway can be, its still tough to find a stretch of time where at least one of us doesn’t have a friend’s wedding, a story deadline, a business trip, a family reunion or a triathlon already on the calendar. Who would have thought that it would be easier to plan a yearlong trip around the world than a four-day weekend to California or the Caribbean?

This year, however, we were determined not to let anything stop us from putting a real Lost Girls getaway on the calendar. And not just because this would be our very last one as semi-unattached LGs (did we mentioned that Holly is getting married on October 1st??), but because we recently acquired a tidy little sum of American Express points—300,000 of them to be exact. Nice, right?

Isn’t it amazing? With such a powerful “just-say-yes” incentive awaiting us, we happened to find a six-day window on our calendar during which to travel. We were all free…at last!

The only catch: We had to take the trip pretty quickly—before the summer ended—and let our fellow travelers know exactly how we used the American Express Pay with Points program to book an entire adventure, including flights, hotels, rental car and a few extra goodies. While our travel-savvy friends at AMEX did provide us with the points, how we chose to spend them was entirely up to us.

This weekend, after we celebrate Holly’s bachelorette party/bridal shower in Syracuse, Jen, Holly and I are jumping on a plane and heading to our “Top Secret” destination. We’d love to share where it is, but we figure it’ll be so much more fun if you just happen to guess!

To give you a hint—or several!—we’ll be posting clues every day starting this Monday on The Lost Girls Facebook page and tweeting them out to The Lost Girls Twitter account. To enter, just post a note on our Facebook wall with your guess and those who correctly identify our destination will be entered to win a $100 gift card from American Express.

Once we return, we’ll name the winner, and share every detail from our getaway—including how we managed to make those AMEX points stretch across three girls, six days and thousands of miles.

We hope you’ll send us your guesses, or if you’re stumped, just let us know where you’d travel if you had some extra airlines miles or American Express points at your disposal!


Lost Girls World is a proud sponsorship partner of American Express 

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