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by Nancy Yeomans

LG Air Travel News Editor

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird….it’s a plane! No….it’s your weekly air travel news! Here’s what’s happening in the world of aviation, from the ground up. 

Angry Birds In Flight

Unless you’ve been living in a remote cabin in the wilderness you’ve no doubt heard of Angry Birds, no doubt played it and maybe even gotten a little obsessed with those flying feathers. But an entire airline flight built around the game? Finnair has just such a trip planned from Helsinki to Singapore (11 hours, 30 minutes flying time) on September 20. Might not even the most hardcore Birds fan get a little burned out after that much play?  Source:  Jaunted

Keep Your Shoes On

Maybe. Airport security screening is supposedly moving away from the treat-everyone-like-a-criminal approach. For us passengers that may include the luxury of leaving our shoes on while going through the TSA screening. Of course, there is no time frame mentioned for this major change, nor can it be confirmed that it will definitely occur. And the disclaimer “TSA will always perform random and unpredictable screening, so that passengers who aren’t asked to remove their shoes might be asked to remove their shoes on the next trip” was uttered as well, so I’d keep wearing the slip-ons for the forseeable future.  Source:  USAToday

Flying With Fluffy Or Fido

The sad saga of Jack the Cat, the fluffy feline lost by American Airlines over 2 weeks ago, has brought attention to the subject of transporting pets long-distance. Most commercial airlines have just a cursory program in place and there have been many stories on the subject with a less-than-happen ending. Pet Airways is an option if you have the money – it’s pricey, but for a member of the family, totally worth every penny. Source:  FOX News

9/11 Anniversary

Police presence was in full force in New York, Washington, D.C., and our nation’s many airports on Sunday. Air travelers as well were hyper-alert to any behavior that appeared to be suspicious. This sense of vigilance led to two flights being scrutinized and followed by fighter jets due to in-flight passenger behavior. In both cases the source of the behavior was benign, but no doubt led to some agitation onboard.  Source:  ABC News

New Routes

This week’s new airline routes are with American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Southwest, United Airlines and Wizz Air (Lithuania based, so if you haven’t heard of them before there’s a good reason).  Source:  Jaunted


Photo credit: cofiem/flickr

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