Slideshow: What To Do In Grenada in the Caribbean

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This is post one in a three-part series on what to do, where to stay and how to eat in Grenada.

Grenada (pronounced Gre-NAY-da) is a tri-island state in the Southeast Caribbean, just north of Trinidad and Venezuela–and the perfect spot for the Caribbean traveler looking for more than just beaches.


Despite the U.S. invasion in 1983, and the 2004 hurricane that devastated 90 percent of the island, this British commonwealth has beautifully rebuilt. It’s both local and diverse–with rainforests next to mountains, cocoa plantations next to world class diving, rum factories next to a world class cricket stadium, and leftover Colonial architecture next to a global, thriving medical school.

The mainland of Grenada offers the largest range of activity and lodging, from tiny cottages to five-star luxury resorts. I didn’t go to  the other islands, but I got the impression that Carriacou and Petite Martinique are a bit more laid back (and cheaper). SVG Air offers flights between Grenada and Carriacou/Petite Martinique for $80 USD roundtrip, and Osprey Lines offers ferry service between all three islands.

But this post is about the mainland. I spent five days there at the end of May, with perfect weather that, to the best of my research, exists year-round. We dove and hiked and ate (it is, after all, the Spice Island of the west), and I left feeling like Grenada is a place one could really live. Not hard to see why so many expats there came for vacation and simply never left.

The flight takes about 7 hours from New York City, and to really see the mainland, rent a car. You can meet the locals, who are refreshingly warm and pragmatic. But ONLY do this if you’re a confident driver. They drive lefty, and the roads are steep and windy. And a heads-up: gas is about $6 U.S. per gallon.

If you’d like more information, the Grenadian tourist board’s blog has timely information about island attractions, and their actively-managed Facebook page has a good mix of news and up-to-date information on island events. @grenadanews is also a good news source on Twitter.

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