How To Eat In Grenada

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Where to Eat in GrenadaThey call Grenada the Spice Island of the West: cinnamon, cloves, bay leaves, tumeric, ginger, saffron, allspice and of course the omnipresent spice nutmeg– exports of which from the island now account for nearly thirty percent of the world’s crop.

But Grenada’s culinary treats extend far beyond spice.

Take cocoa. It’s indigenous to the area, a food of the Gods for the Aztecs and Mayans, and one of Grenada’s top agricultural products. A nuanced culture surrounds the cocoa industry, attracting people like native New Yorker Mott Greene, who left the Lower East Side and built a house in Grenada surrounded by cocoa trees.

In 1999, Greene founded the Grenada Chocolate Company, a now-ten farm cooperative dedicated to Grenada’s organic dark chocolate. You can learn about their process and taste their goods (including seasonal truffles) at the Belmont Estate, a sprawling farm that offers tours and peeks behind-the-scenes  at several of the agri-industries that make Grenada tick.

You also have River Antoine, the rum factory that runs by water wheel; Dougaldston Estate, the old banana and cocoa plantation that still performs traditional activities; Fish Friday, the weekly street food party in the town of Gouyave (and, for state-side Grenadians, in Brooklyn); homestyle, barefoot cooking at Patricks; five-star Grenadian cuisine at Oliver’s at the Spice Island Beach Resort; and, on Saturdays, the market in St. George’s to try it all yourself.

Where to Eat GrenadaOne must-stop restaurant is BB’s Crabback, a seafood restaurant on St. George’s waterfront that’s run by native Grenadian, and London-trained, Brian Benjamin. Inspired by his grandmother’s cooking, Benjamin’s philosophy is “Catch it, cook it, and eat it,” and he visits the market every morning for the food on his plates that day.


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