Puerto Rico: What To Do in Rincon

Puerto Rico — By on October 25, 2011 at 1:07 pm

As mentioned in our earlier Puerto Rico series (when we were on a mission to book an extended weekend away using only AMEX points), the three of us were most excited to scuba dive off the island of Vieques.  That was, until Hurricane Irene churned up the ocean and blew our plans right out of the water. So we made an impromptu change of itinerary (with the help of AMEX Travel) and headed for a part of the main island least affected by the storm: the popular surf town of Rincon, located on the Western shore.  The town turned out to be the perfect mix of adventure activities and the kind of r&r only a beach town can provide. Here are our picks for where to stay and what to do:

Sleep at… The Horned Dorset. It’s worth the splurge to stay at this luxury retreat (rates start at $360/night, but it won’t blow your vacation budget if you split the cost with a significant other – or friends!). The rooms have plush beds, ocean views, and bear-claw foot bath tubs for soaking. Some even have infinity pools. Plus, you can enjoy the sunset overlooking the rugged coastline from the dining room’s deck while sipping a glass of white from their extensive wine list and feasting on gourmet dishes.

Surf with…instructor extraordinaire, Ramse Morales, of Surf Lessons Puerto Rico & Adventure Co. Ramse has more than a decade of experience teaching newbies and seasoned surfers alike, and takes his job very seriously by walking you through warm up stretches on the sand and even talking about overall health/wellness, fitness and diet. We can almost guarantee he’ll help you ride a wave to shore before your lesson is over–even if you’ve never been on a board before! A two-hour group session starts at $60 each.

Dive with…Aquatica Dive & Surf has been leading dive excursions for more than 25 years (and they also offer stand up paddleboarding and surf lessons). You don’t even have to lug your gear with you because you can rent anything you need directly from them. Visibility in the waters off the shores of Rincon can be as far as 150 feet (well, when there isn’t a hurricane!).

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