Lost Girl of the Week: Aimee Cebulski and Finding Forty

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A lifelong traveler who loves to get lost along the way, Aimee Cebulski  has visited 38 countries and about half of the United States (so far!).  Based in San Diego, she has worked as a freelance travel writer and blogger for the last 15 years. Finding Forty combines Aimee’s passion for telling stories through photos and sharing lessons learned from those she has met around the world.

After returning from a volunteer trip to Cambodia in 2008, she organized and hosted a photo exhibition of her work called “Photography Works,” which raised more than $2,000 to fund water programs for The Trailblazer Foundation and Imagine Ankgor.


San Diego-based photographer and writer Aimee Cebulski is a lost girl on a mission…she’s “Finding Forty.” She won’t be looking in her own backyard, however. Aimee is on a global quest, looking far beyond the borders of her hometown. Aimee’s book, Finding Forty (www.finding40.net), is a photographic and narrative journey to both domestic and international destinations, examining what it means to be 40 years old to a diverse set of 40 different women.

The project peeks into the worlds of women in very different cultures and looks at the challenges, realities and dreams that shape their lives.

The concept for Finding Forty developed after returning from a friend’s 40th birthday celebration weekend in Sonoma County; Aimee realized that for her own pending encounter with the big 4-0, she wanted to take a look at what it meant worldwide. “Finding Forty is a unique opportunity to take a concept that is both feared and celebrated and turn an eye outward to see what this milestone means to others on a global scale. From women who simply hope to make it to 40 to those in desperate need to forget it, I will tell their stories through photos and text,” she said.

Finding Forty will showcase how different life can be for women separated sometimes by only a few miles. Aimee has already interviewed and photographed women in Colorado, Wyoming, Belgium, Georgia, New York, Washington DC and Mexico and will next be getting lost in South America. Most recently, Aimee interviewed Natalie Morales, news anchor on “The Today Show,” about her pending date with the big 4-0 in 2012.

Women interested in being considered for Finding Forty can submit their contact information either through the Finding Forty web page (www.finding40.net) or Facebook page (www.facebook.com/FindingForty). “I am looking for all sorts of women, with diverse stories to tell,” she added. Women need to either currently be 40 or be turning 40 before the end of 2012.

One main goal for Finding Forty is to support women’s charities in the regions visited during the project. A portion of proceeds from advertising revenue and book sales will be used to fund women’s programs in each of the countries visited. PCI Global (formerly Project Concern International) is The Finding Forty Project’s main charitable partner.

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