Lost In Korea: Introducing Kissairis Munoz

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by Kissairis Munoz

Lost In Korea is our new bi-weekly column chronicling the year-long journey of Kissairis Munoz as she teaches English in Korea. Check back for future installments every other Tuesday at noon.

I didn’t speak any Korean. I’d never taught a class before. But last June I packed two suitcases and moved to South Korea to teach English for a year.

I’ve always loved traveling. I’d spent a semester in Madrid and hoarded up vacation days at my job to go to places like Egypt and Argentina. Living and working in Asia wasn’t something I’d originally planned. However, after spending two years both working and attending graduate school full time (and racking up student loan debt) in Washington, DC, I realized I was even more confused about what I wanted to “do when I grew up” than when I started. I was totally burnt out.

After complaining to a friend that what I really wanted to do was travel and do something completely new, he posed a question. Had I ever thought about teaching English abroad — specifically in Korea? He’d done it and really enjoyed it. The money was good, people were friendly, and if new experiences were what I was looking for, I’d have a ton by the end of a year. The timing was perfect: I’d be graduating in a few months and could hop on a plane soon after. The wheels in my head began turning.

Five months later, I sold all my belongings on Craigslist, moved out of my apartment and boarded a plane armed with a one-way ticket to Seoul to teach English to kindergarteners.

I’m excited to get on board with The Lost Girls and share my experiences. From surviving with my broken Korean to getting used to a classroom of kids calling me “teacher” to becoming obsessed with K-pop, it’s been an amazing journey already. Hope you’re ready to get lost with me!

Photo credit: kissairis munoz and iloveconor.com/flickr

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