Getting Married…and Other Fun Things to Do in St. Augustine

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St Augustine WeddingHappy Thursday LGs! Hope everyone is gearing up for the upcoming holiday travel season—today I’m heading out to California for Flavor! Napa Valley before heading home to Florida for a big turkey feast with my family. Keeping my fingers crossed that the weather is good, and the delays are minimal!

I wanted to take this opportunity to share the tremendously exciting news that one of the original LGs—Holly Corrbett—recently got married (Congrats!!) and the other—Jen Baggett—just got engaged! Wow!!! I’m so thrilled for both of my LG ladies, and look forward to more future travel with both of them….and their husbands.

As it turns out, Jen B has decided to get married in the ultra-charming little Floridian city of St. Augustine, which happens to be not just the oldest city in the US (founded in 1565), but the place where her formerly Maryland-based parents now live. She’s tapped me to be the maid of honor (aw!), and so we’re busy at work trying to plan a Lost Girls- worthy weekend adventure for all of her guests, and and exploring vacation rental homes in St. Augustine, so that her out-of-town guests will have a spacious and comfy place to sleep.

As it turns out, many of the guests are from New York City and New Jersey—where her fiance Kevin’s family is from—and have never been to St Augustine. Its a really cool town, with rustic cobblestone streets, historic sites (like the Fountain of Youth) and of course, beaches, and we wanted to make sure everyone had an idea of the best and most family-friendly things to do in St Augustine once they arrive.  Rather than doing a ton of reseasrch on our own (what, us research?) we snagged copy of this cool infographic, which sums it up rather nicely.

We recommend checking out St Augustine the next time you’re in Florida, or even booking long weekend in the area. Speaking from experience, its one of the few places in Jen and my home state where you can find a true mix of culture, adventure, natue and relaxation…and if you’re there the first weekend in June 2012, you can also find one very newlywed couple.

Congrats Jen and Kevin!!!

Things to Do in St Augustine

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  • Lauren says:

    Congrats to the Lost Girls! St. Augustine is such a great choice for a wedding. My mom grew up there & my parents got married there, too. We visited every summer when I was young(a welcome change from Indiana) and there really is something for everyone. Go to the Spanish Bakery on St. George street for awesome bread and lemon cookies!