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The free Reeli video app helps iPhone and iPad 2 users create stories ready to share in just a few short minutes. It just may be the Twitter of video

girl making travel videoWhat one thing is keeping you from incorporating more video into your travel life?

If you said “time”, you are not alone.

As a traveler and travel blogger, my spare time is basically nonexistent. It is spent writing, editing, formatting, linking, finding photos, resizing photos and uploading said photos to blog posts. Once the post is live, time is spent promoting via social networks — such as Twitter, Facebook and Stumbleupon — thinking up new post ideas, guest posting, pitching, commenting on and reading other blogs. Oh, and let’s not forget about time spent traveling as well!

As much as I want to incorporate videos into my work, I’ve put them on the back burner since I just don’t have the time to shoot and edit.

The Reeli Video App Can Help

Just recently, I was given the opportunity to test out the Reeli application for iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad 2.

Since I had already been searching for a good video app to use and create videos from my iPhone on-the-go, I was impressed to see the claim from Reeli of being able to get a video done, with music, in under 3 minutes.

That’s less time than it takes to make a cup of tea.

Even better is the feature of no editing necessary. Isn’t that the part of videos that takes the most time?

Reeli just might be onto something.

Reeli First Impressions

The app is clean and simple. Reeli’s menu provides a list of different video themes to choose from depending on if you want to record a simple party at home, a wedding or a sports game to name a few. After selecting your theme, the storyboard then tells exactly what to shoot (the who, where, detail, action, etc.) and when to shoot it.

reeli storyboard

There is literally no thinking involved in using this app, and the videos come out with all the pieces of a good story. Simply click on the scene in the storyboard (like the “who”) and record for the allotted time.

Finish all the scenes, and your story is complete. Or, take it one step further by adding some tunes straight from your music library into the background.

This video was shot as my very first attempt at using the app. Too easy!

What I Love About Reeli

When Reeli claims there is no editing involved, they weren’t lying. The “Shoot2Edit” feature (patent pending) makes it so the user edits while shooting, and that both saves time and makes it unbelievably easy.

Unlike using standard digital video cameras, there is no need to have access to [often expensive] video editing software, and the entire process can instead be done directly from your iPhone or iPad. I’m all about convenience, and in my line of work, convenience pays.

Let’s recap some of the notable features:

  • video creation in just a few minutes
  • music additions from your personal collection
  • no editing necessary

Did I also mention that this app is free?!

Where Reeli Can Improve

The major selling point for this app — the simplicity — is also its major downfall. While I love the ability to create a quick video that tells a story, I wished at times for added features. Some of the features that would be perfect in an upgraded version would be:

  • the ability to choose different fade effects between scenes
  • the ability to overlay text on certain scenes
  • the ability to connect directly to social networks for immediate sharing
  • the ability to import video clips already on your iPhone or iPad.

The logo is present in all video beginnings after being exported. Perhaps this could be removed if purchasing an upgraded version of the app.

These additions would truly make Reeli one app to be reckoned with, but I don’t think that’s the intended purpose. Reeli is all about the ability to tell a story through video quickly and easily, and in that case, Reeli becomes a worthwhile addition to anyone’s iPhone or iPad.

Who should use Reeli?

Travelers and bloggers looking to incorporate video into their storytelling in a fast and easy manner need this app. However, any person connected to a social network with an iPhone or iPad 2 will find this app an easy way to share events and occasions with others. With Reeli, it’s not so much about creating video masterpieces as it is just about telling a story — your own story.

Where to Get Reeli

You can download the Reeli app from iTunes free of charge to start creating video stories right now.

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  • frank says:

    Great blog post. I totally agree with your points. I travel all the time, and just recently came across Reeli myself. What a great app! Love your video too.