Get to the Airport for Less – How to Find Cheap Airport Parking

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By Kristen Putch
LG Acquisitions Editor

Your flights and hotel are paid for. You’ve bought tickets for your favorite attractions and your budget for food is set. You think you’ve got it all covered… right up until you get to the airport.

Airport parking is one of those hidden costs we as travelers rarely remember to take into consideration. And with major airports charging anywhere from $8 to $18 per day for long-term parking, the additional cost can add up quickly.

So, what can you do to avoid breaking your travel budget with the cost of parking? There are actually many alternative options to airport-based parking that can save you several dollars per day.

Off-site Parking

It’s easy to forget that there are other parking lots available for your use, rather than just the airport-owned lots. International hubs such as JFK charge $18 per day to park in their lots. But, with a little research you can save a couple dollars a day by parking in an off-site location. is a site that offers a list of off-site options that will save you more than $3/day, with shuttle access to the JFK terminals. For a week-long trip that includes JFK parking, you are looking at over $20 in savings!

Hotel Parking

An often over-looked option is parking at nearby hotels. There are usually countless hotels located near major airports, most of which have an airport shuttle service. Since the safety of your vehicle is one of your main concerns when considering your parking options, hotel lots and garages tend to be on the safer side, with a lot activity in and out on a daily basis.

In Seattle, you can park at a nearby hotel for as little as $5.95 per day and use their shuttle service to get to Seattle-Tacoma Airport. Look for lists available hotels with SeaTac Parking and their prices.

Shuttle Services

For many residents of bigger cities, parking is not the main concern; transportation is. To get to JFK from Manhattan is going to cost you $50 each way, tacking on an additional $100 to your travel tab. Instead, you can arrange a pick up using an airport shuttle service, such as SuperShuttle, which is available in most major cities. If you are willing to share your ride to the airport with a few other people, you can save about $20 each way in cab fare.

Also, don’t forget about the availability of public transportation in many cities. It may take more time, but can also save you a pretty penny.

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