Air Travel News 3.13.12

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by Nancy Yeomans

LG Air Travel News Editor

Look up in the sky! It’s a bird….it’s a plane! No….it’s your weekly air travel news! Here’s what’s happening in the world of aviation, from the ground up. 

Disruption On The Ground

An American Airlines flight scheduled from Dallas to Chicago had to return to the gate before becoming airborne last Friday. During the in-flight security announcements, one of the flight attendants apparently deviated from the normal instructions. She became incoherent and disruptive over the intercom and started alluding to the airlines’ bankruptcy problems and even into comments about September 11. She was restrained by both crew and passengers and taken to a hospital for evaluation.  Source:  The Seattle Times

Child’s Outburst Gets Family Kicked Off Flight

JetBlue recently turned one of their planes around before takeoff too, but this one was due to a passenger’s actions. A family flying from Turks and Caicos to Boston was asked to deplane when they failed to restrain one of their children. The child would not stay in her seat with her seat belt fastened and attempts to restrain her were far from effective. The pilots made the decision to return to the gate and remove the family rather than further inconvenience the rest of the passengers and the crew.  Source:  Yahoo

Imbibing In-Flight

A lawsuit against Southwest Airlines and their drink coupons is proceeding in part. The airline is gong to court for trying to enact expiration dates on the many, many free drink coupons it’s given out over the years. Prior to 2010 the coupons had no expiration dates printed on them, which to me means that they did not expire. Southwest says they have circulated way too many of these coupons and is now trying to rein them in by saying that they do, in fact, expire. Maybe if a can of Budweiser didn’t cost as much in the air as a 6-pack on dry land passengers wouldn’t be holding on so dearly to their coupons.  Source:  USAToday

Double The Passengers

Over the next 20 years, we can expect U.S. airline passenger traffic to nearly double. So says the FAA. Hopefully we’ll see some additional aircraft in the sky as well. To accommodate all these flyers, the FAA is implementing new equipment and technology  that should get the flights to their destinations more quickly and efficiently. All well and good, but will the airports around the US also be doubled in size to house all these aircraft and passengers?  Source: minews26

Penguins Take To The Skies

These days it takes a lot to make the passengers on an airline flight happy. A couple of penguins roaming the aisle certainly does the job. On a couple of Delta flights from San Antonio to Atlanta, then from Atlanta to New York last week Pete and Penny the Penguins were permitted to wander. Passengers were enchanted by their waddling and could photograph to their heart’s content. Source:  Digital Journal

New Routes

This week the new route announcements are courtesy of: Air France, Aeromexico, Turkish Airways, United Airlines and USAirways.  Source:  Jaunted

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