#FollowFriday: The Best of Travel in Social Media (Part 8!)

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Since my seventh post was shamelessly all about delicious food on different culinary travel blogs, I felt the need to balance that out (and sooth my food-centric mind) with this week’s post, which takes a focus on travel sites that have to do with bicycling. Woo, exercise + travel!

Crazy Guy on a Bike

Crazy Guy on a Bike: So, Crazy Guy on a Bike blog can seem a little…crazy, or at least a bit overwhelming, when you first click onto it. But upon closer look, this is a site where content far outweighs design (this is even noted, appreciatively, in the About section of the site that speaks to the simple, accessible design of the site). This “free, independent website for hosting bicycle touring journals, forums and resources” was started by Neil Gunton, but content comes from bikers all over the world, which is what makes it most exciting. There’s no shortage of info here. AND, as it turns out, one of the bloggers even ran into my boyfriend who was biking from Connecticut to British Columbia, Vancouver a couple years back. So for good measure, here’s my own crazy guy on a bike.

While out Riding

While Out Riding: Oooh, While Out Riding makes me itchy for travel. The owner of the blog, Cass Gilbert, has been non-stop bike touring for the past 11 years, while also writing and submitting photography for various other blogs. The blog itself feels rather poetic, from his introspective anecdotes, to his photos of New Mexican mesas and frost gathering on his bike. And this: “At the moment I’m not completely sure where I’ll end up; life has a habit of slotting into place when I’m on my bike, so I’ll let it take its shape. Everyday living becomes more straightforward, funnelled through the simple act of spinning pedals, and the in ‘n out rhythm of breath.”

Road to Ncheu

The Big Africa Cycle: The Big Africa Cycle is lovely, and blogger/cycler extraordinaire Peter Gostelow seems so, too. His site is just what it sounds like: a comprehensive journal of his second major bike adventure, from England to Cape Town, South Africa. If you start with his very first post, I guarantee you’ll get sucked in. Maybe enough to even donate a few dollars his way (he’s cycling to raise money against malaria!) Follow Peter on Facebook or on Twitter @PeteGost!


Ice road biking

Tom’s Bike Trip: Wait, who is Tom and why am I so invested in his adventure cycling travels? I’m still not sure how to put it to words, but this is how he does: “I’m Tom. I go on bike trips. Some of them are a bit unusual.” Ok. He’s cycled alone through the Middle East to Egypt, survived the Scandanavian arctic on a bike, and met his now wife in Yerevan. I’m still not sure who Tom is but I can’t stop reading. Follow Tom on Facebook or on Twitter @TomsBikeTrip!


Bicycling Around the World

Bicycling Around the World: In 1981, professional photographer Paul Jeurissen biked the Trans-America trail and met his wife Grace along the way. They’ve since gotten married and cycled all over together, and in 2010 started a multi-year bike project around the world with the theme of “Bicycling around the world in search of inspiring cycle images.” And their blog is just that: inspiring! I personally loved the Impressions from Bicycle Touring section, which is an amazingly designed interactive page of photos. You can click through different countries and areas within. Follow Bicycling Around the World on Facebook!

Cycling through the Netherlands

Travelling Two: Of course, no list of awesome cycling travel blogs would be complete without the well-known Travelling Two: Andrew and Friedel, two Canadians (now three! Congrats!) who set off in 2006 to travel around the world via bicycle. From E-books to Podcasts, to posts about everything from bike tools to staying healthy, FT really has it all (and more). Follow Travelling Two on Facebook or on Twitter @TravellingTwo!

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