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Kristen Kuchar
Special to the Lost Girls

Offbeat Travel features story on unique and different travel adventures. Editor Neala Schwartzberg took time to talk to us about what it takes to write for them and what makes the perfect pitch.

How is Offbeat Travel different than other travel blogs and sites?

I think primarily we’re different in the length of time we’ve been publishing. We started live in early 2000. Our underlying focus on the offbeat still makes us a bit out-of-the-ordinary as far as websites go.  We do publish pieces on popular destinations, but if we can, even those have an unusual twist – like Tango dancing in Argentina.

We also take great care in making the articles visually attractive, for example, turning photos into slide shows.

What can freelancers contribute to Offbeat Travel?

Although we have many regular contributors, we are open to queries from writer who are new to us. These would be for our feature articles.

Are you more interested in narrative pieces, list articles, guides, or something else?

We prefer guides but we also publish list articles as well.

What makes a great pitch? Can you give me an example of a pitch that you accepted?

If we’ve never worked with you before, you need to provide a full query -what you’re going to cover in detail. We don’t need the details, but something like “the main attractions of Madrid” won’t do it. An opening paragraph that sets the tone of the article would also be helpful.

What do freelancers need to keep in mind before pitching?

Make sure we haven’t covered that destination before, or if we have, describe how your piece is different. What will you be covering that’s different?

What doesn’t make a good pitch or what are you not interested in?

We’re not interested in a superficial description such as you’d find in a guide book. We need to hear your voice in the article.

What are the biggest mistakes you see in freelancers pitching Off Beat Travel? In new writers?

They don’t provide enough information for us to know what information will be in the article.Sometimes, when they send in the article, it has no real information. We don’t publish fluff. What will the visitor see? What should the visitor do?

If a writer has a great idea for Off Beat Travel, who should they send it to?

Queries should be sent to me,

Besides the pitch, what else should a writer include in the e-mail?

Your credentials for writing this article, and your experience as a writer.

Does the publication pay for posts? How much?
We pay $25 for an article and all internet rights. If the article has appeared on the net, or will appear we can’t use it.

Yes, I know it is very little money so if you can’t write for that amount, or feel you can’t provide internet exclusivity I totally understand.

The only exception is made for excerpts from books. We publish those without payment and it would be silly to expect an internet exclusive.

Kristen Kuchar is the author of Mac n’ Cheese to the Rescue. Follow Kristen on Twitter at @KristenKuchar.

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