Top 4 Reasons to go on a Round-the-World Honeymoon

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By Annie Shustrin

Most people might agree that one of the best parts of a wedding is the honeymoon. After all of the planning, the family, and the celebrations, spending time relaxing with your new spouse is a reward. For anyone thinking about both marriage and long term travel, this might be the perfect time to take the plunge and explore beyond the limits of vacation. Making the choice to travel is exciting enough, but choosing to go together turns a honeymoon into an experience of a lifetime.

Round the World Honeymoon

My husband Matt and I made the choice to take a RTW honeymoon and now, almost one year later, I see how special our memories of this trip are to both of us. After the stresses of planning a wedding and years spent fantasizing about travel, we chose to make a life change and accomplish a dream both of us had thought impossible. We visited 15 countries over a year’s time, and through the experiences we had on the road, we’ve grown even closer as a couple.  And though not every day of a yearlong trip is as glamorous as a 10-day trip to a tropical resort, both the highs and lows are among our most treasured travel memories.

For all those on the fence about taking a traveling honeymoon instead of a vacation honeymoon, here are things we considered in our decision.

1.   A honeymoon is good way to argue long term travel to travel skeptics.

It can be difficult to explain long term travel to coworkers, friends, and family, but within the frame of a honeymoon, you might find more people understand. Getting married is a step in life that comes along with many changes.  Along with those changes can come new priorities. Being active and taking chances are among our top priorities, which helped explain how traveling was a good choice for us. For family and friends, this proved that the trip was not a haphazard choice –  it was a carefully thought out decision. No matter how you frame it to an employer, however, resigning from a job for travel is never simple. But, it also may not seem as unexpected to your boss when attached to a big life change such as getting married.

2.   There’s plenty of time to spend together, free of distraction.

Round the World Honeymoon

One of the best parts of a honeymoon is the amount of time you spend together. On a normal one-week vacation, we’ve always found that just as the trip ends, we feel relaxed and in tune with each other. A long term honeymoon is the perfect opportunity to indulge in countless hours of one on one time. You’ll enjoy that relaxed feeling for the majority of the trip instead of just at the end. Whether spending time at a café reading books, walking around foreign cities, hiking up mountains, or lying on the beach, you won’t have to focus on going back to work on Monday. Since your time away is extended, it’s also ok to spend a little time apart without missing out on time together. Indulging in individual activities that are important to you can help keep the trip balanced and help avoid burn out. You’ll also spend time with locals and other travelers you meet along the way. But at the end of the day, the trip will be yours, together, for as much time as you choose.

3.   Traveling is easier when you don’t have a mortgage.

When we got married, our responsibilities were at an all-time low. We were New York City apartment renters with no pets and no kids.  Since both of us had the desire to take a RTW trip at some point in life, it made sense to go after the wedding, before bills and diapers pile up. It is true that this might not be the case for all newlyweds. But it is also true that the longer you wait, the more responsibilities and commitments will come up, making the idea of long term travel feel unreachable. Go when the responsibility pile is small and when tearing yourself away from everyday life seems doable. For us, the beginning of marriage was a time when leaving New York meant nothing more than packing a U-Haul and saying goodbye.

4.   A little adventure is a good way to start married life.

Round the World Honeymoon

Getting married is a time of excitement and celebration. There’s no reason that has to end at the end of the wedding! Continue the excitement by achieving your lifelong travel dreams. For me, that meant heading to Chengdu, China, where I could hold a baby panda in my very own lap. For Matt, that meant skydiving in New Zealand. Along the way, there will also be plenty of opportunities to celebrate together. For us, that meant splurging on a really fancy hotel room (with a private pool!) for one night in Indonesia. It also meant having a vow renewal ceremony only days before our return home. After months of traveling together, we decided to take time aside to remind ourselves that our trip was also our honeymoon and was only the beginning of a lifetime of adventures.


Annie Shustrin is a travel addict. When she’s not on the road, she’s either thinking about past trips, planning future ones, or fantasizing about where she’d like to be right now. After years of deliberating and planning, Annie and her husband took a yearlong Round- the-World trip, which was also their honeymoon. She writes about her experiences on her blog, and she’s hoping to help any travel lovers who need advice on planning  both long term and short term trips. Currently, Annie is living in Brooklyn, New York, working in the digital media space. 

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