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By Connie K. Ho
Special to Lost Girls

Gone are the days where you had to lug around a thick travel guide book. New technology has allowed travelers to carry a guide book that can be used on their tablets and phones. Frommer’s, in particular, recently teamed up with Inkling, an interactive publishing group, to produce interactive travel guide apps that are available on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Here are a few reasons why the interactive guide apps are beneficial:

  • Tour maps: This part of the app is helpful in planning an itinerary. It’s useful for people who like having strict itineraries that they can plan before hand or for those who like to figure out itineraries along the way.
  • Weather information: There’s a chapter in the beginning of the guide that has a four-day weather forecast in Fahrenheit and Celsius in real time, making it easy to prepare what to pack and what to wear each day.
  • Interactive links: The app allows users to go to specific sections, tap on embedded links and websites, as well as find details like phone numbers of various locations like restaurants and stores.
  • Note taking: The app allows travelers to scribble notes regarding certain sections, highlight specific portions of the book, and bookmark pages; the notes can also be synced to both the iPhone and iPad, allowing you to easily transfer your notes from one device to another as well as maneuver around a new city or unfamiliar country.
  • Search function: For those travelers who can’t remember specific travel details, the search function allows people to find things in the guide, on Google, or on Wikipedia.
  • Photos: The app includes a slideshow of images highlighting the region, allowing users to imagine and visualize vibrant metropolises, lush forests, shimmering coastlines, and other locales to visit.
  • Light to carry: Sometimes carrying a guide book can be heavy, but the interactive guide app is easy to transport as it can be downloaded on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

There are seven guide book apps available from Frommer’s and Inkling, including apps covering Costa Rica, France, Great Britain, Japan, Spain, Alaska, and California. The prices range from $9.99 to $14.99. Find out more information at

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