Visit Valencia, Spain: Home Youth Hostel Review

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Valencia, Spain is perhaps most famous for Las Fallas festival—Spanish artisans spend an entire year building and decorating giant statues, only to set them on fire during a weeklong spring celebration of Valencian culture. But while this city is most internationally known for Las Fallas, it’s also a great stop over on any European vacation, any time of the year.

Nestled on Spain’s east coast, the city is one of Spain’s cleanest. It is also completely walkable. The city’s downtown buildings, traditionally made of white stone, surround dozens of small plazas and fountains giving it an air of quaintness despite the city’s size. When you visit, stay at Home Youth Hostel, buried in the heart of the downtown area (Carmen neighborhood) just steps from nightlife and tourist attractions. Wander across the street to Valencia’s Central Market—here you can buy a breakfast of fresh local fruits, juice, and veg. At night, stick to Carmen neighborhood and duck into any of the jazz clubs for live music.

Home Youth Hostel is easy to find within walking distance of the train station, a short ride from the bus station, and about eight minutes walk from Valencia’s central metro station if you arrive via the airport.

Home Youth Hostel’s staff is friendly and knowledgeable, speaking both Spanish and English if you have questions on attractions and prices. Plus, if you need to scope out the city further, jump on one of the computers in Home Youth Hostel’s lobby for free wi-fi access, or access it right from your room on your mobile device. Home Youth Hostel also offers free daily walking tours so you can appreciate the historical and architectural aspects of the city, as well as bar and pub-crawls at night.  If you’re feeling ambitious, ask staff members about bicycle rentals, but be careful. Spanish drivers have the reputation for being sporadic behind the wheel.

Home Youth Hostel keeps room sizes smaller (up to four beds) so you’ll never have to worry about noisy roommates or getting a poor night’s sleep. This layout gives Home Youth Hostel a nice, quiet hotel feeling, while common areas and the communal kitchen make it easy to interact with other travelers. Linen is provided.

Keep in mind Las Fallas festival is Valencia’s busiest time of the year for tourism. For Fallas reservations you’ll need to book well in advance. But no matter when you go, Valencia, and Home Youth Hostel, are a traveler’s must.


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