Runners Race Along Fifth Avenue

LG Press & Media — By on September 29, 2012 at 6:47 pm


Runners replaced cars along Fifth Avenue Saturday.

Runners of all ages came out for the New York Road Runners’ 32nd Annual Fifth Avenue Mile.

They were joined by more than 15 Olympians seeking to edge out the competition.

There was a race for everyone, including seniors and kids.

Runners say the race is just as fun as it is competitive.

“I learned to be really patient and just stay in control,” said Brenda Martinez, who won the Women’s Pro Race.

“If you can, do it,” said Sid Howard, who ran the race for the 30th time. “I like to run because I can but I also like to run that I’m able to enjoy something that’s going to benefit me.”

Some NY1 employees joined in the media race.

Shortly after, they were followed by a heat just for bridesmaids.

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