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Resort Review, Honeymoon Edition: Gaige House, Sonoma, CA

By Mona Lisa Macalino LG Contributor Sonoma is the perfect destination for honeymooners or couples looking for a romantic hideaway. With its Asian-inspired design and secret-garden charm, the Gaige House fits the bill for travelers looking for luxury and upscale comfort. The Location Sonoma is...
February 4th, 2013 | California, Couples Travel, Departments, Hotels & Resorts, In-Room Reviews, Traveling Solo & Together, United States | Read More

Yosemite’s Famed Flock Causes Closures

By Nneka Opene LG Contributor During the year, roads and trails of Yosemite National Park are often closed due to natural hazards such as fire, rockslides and extreme weather. This time, however, the primary reason for closures in the park is due to endangered peregrine falcons nesting along popular...
July 23rd, 2012 | Backpacking & Trekking, California, Destinations, Health & Safety, North America, Planning, Tours & Attractions, Wildlife & Animals | Read More

Top 10 Free Things to Do in Santa Barbara, CA

By Connie K. Ho Special to Lost Girls  Aqua green water sparkles in the sun next to sandy white beaches. Spanish-styled architecture sits atop a hill with breathtaking mountain views. Smooth jazz melodies can be heard in the distance. Santa Barbara is great for a getaway weekend or an adventure to explore...
June 14th, 2012 | California, City Travel | Read More

Top 10 Fun, Free Things to do in Los Angeles

Top 10 Fun, Free Things to do in Los Angeles
By Connie K. Ho Special to Lost Girls  The land of sun, beach, and Hollywood, Los Angeles has plenty of activities to offer visitors, even those on the strictest of budgets. Here’s our compilation of the top free fun activities to do in Los Angeles. Stroll by the Santa Monica Pier On a sunny weekend,...
April 12th, 2012 | California, City Travel | Read More

Exploring San Diego’s Beach Communities

By Gina Douglas Special to Lost Girls San Diego has no shortage of beaches, however for a Lost Girl looking for some fun and a taste of the laid-back San Diego beach-town lifestyle, head north of downtown San Diego and its surrounding harbor to a beach mecca – a trio of beach communities that epitomizes...
December 15th, 2011 | California, Extras | Read More

Ringing in the New Year in Central California

By Gina Douglas Special to Lost Girls  Central California is home to a stretch of coastline that mixes rural farmland with cosmopolitan ambiance. The blend of beaches, vineyards, scenic drives, warm weather, and hip bars and restaurants makes it an ideal place to spend a long weekend and with the New...
December 8th, 2011 | California, Parties, Festivals & Events | Read More

A Quirky California Road Trip

Is there a better state for a road-trip than California? The 3,427 miles of shoreline provide a scenic route and tourist attractions spread throughout the state make for the perfect recipe. Here are nine things you should not miss if you’re road tripping through California. Be warned: This isn’t...
September 23rd, 2011 | California, Road Trips | Read More

Trendy Budget Hotels Starting at $99

By Brenna Lasky Hotels in major cities can cost upwards of $300 a night. While you probably don’t want to blow your trip budget all on a bed, you also don’t want to sacrifice comfort and proximity to your destination’s trendiest neighborhoods. Here we’ve rounded up three hotels that prove that...
September 16th, 2011 | Budget Travel, California, Chicago, City Travel, Hotels & Resorts, New York City, United States | Read More

Nearby Escape from L.A.

Nearby Escape from L.A.
By Susan Michals Contributor Every once in a while, you need to get out of town. But you don’t always have the time to hop a plane – because with that comes the security check, the waiting, the possible flight delay…and suddenly a trip to say, San Francisco becomes a 6 hour ordeal. If you’re...
September 29th, 2010 | California, Hotels & Resorts | Read More

W San Diego Spa: Get A Mojito—for Your Feet

W San Diego Spa: Get A Mojito—for Your Feet
When I was in San Diego recently as the bridesmaid in a friend’s wedding, I had to wear open-toed shoes for the big day. Thanks to all the city walking that I do, my ragged feet were in desperate need of a pedicure. So I checked out the Away Spa at the W San Diego where I was staying, and discovered...
August 3rd, 2010 | California, City Travel, Food & Wine, Spa & Beauty | Read More