LG Cause: “Lost and Found”

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

So many people have helped us during our round-the-world journey (check out the book for stories) that we want to be able to do something to give back. While we may be just three women, we know that we can make a positive difference with the help of all of you. So, with your nominations, we’re going to pick one LG cause we’re passionate about, and will raise money by selling cool clothing, music, travel essentials and more. The very first item, a Lost Girls t-shirt, will be coming soon to the LG store! You’ll also be able to download and listen to the official Lost Girls’ song, “Waiting,” on iTunes. Written and recorded exclusively for the Lost Girls by Michael Bristol of New Day Band, anyone who buys this heartfelt, hauntingly beautiful ballad will help support the LG Cause.

We’ll be sharing the story right here on LostGirlsWorld.com, and, once you’ve helped us reach the goal, we’ll ask all of you to nominate another cause close to your own heart-whether it’s helping a student in your hometown to get a study-abroad scholarship or giving a woman in a developing country a small loan so she can start her own business. All that matters is that we’re helping make a dream come true, that it’s something you’re passionate about and that will have a positive impact. Once the goal is met, we’ll then we’ll choose our next LG Cause recommended by you, and share it on this here site until we reach another goal. And the never-ending story will keep going as you help to make each dream happen.

The first cause we’ll be working towards is one near and dear to our hearts: Raising money so that our friend Sister Freda can get her nursing school in Kenya off the ground. We met Sister Freda while volunteering in Kenya on our RTW trip, and she is a living, breathing example that each of us has the personal power to make a difference (she’s pictured above). During our visit, she gave the three LGs a tour of the hospital that she started outside the slums near Kitale to provide people living in poverty with healthcare. She also created a feeding program for street children and orphans. And now she’s opening a medical school to help train other nurses to go out into their community and care for the sick who can’t afford to pay medical bills. She needs funds to help complete building the classroom. Stay tuned for more on this as we get updates from Kenya. And to help make this happen, buy a T-shirt-they’re sexy and comfy and you’ll do good by shopping! Or download and purchase “Waiting” for just $1.99 and you’ll have another song to add to your favorite playlist-it’s one of those romantic melodies you’ll keep playing on repeat. (T-shirt and iTunes pages coming soon!)

Do you have a cause or dream that you want to make happen? Do you want to find out how you can do more to help? We want to hear your story! Email Holly at hollyc@lostgirlsworld.com.