Runaway Bridesmaids

Runaway Bridesmaids 

Racing to Transform Women’s Lives 

What is Runaway Bridesmaids?
It’s a way to have fun with your friends; put that once-worn bridesmaid, prom, wedding, or any fancy ol’ dress to good use; and get in shape—all while supporting other women by fundraising for causes such as the fight against sex trafficking.

Lost Girls Jen and Amanda in their bridesmaids dresses with Holly at her October 2011 wedding

It all began when The Lost Girls asked ourselves a question that many women have often pondered: What were we going to do with our old bridesmaid dresses that our married pals swore we could totally wear again? Rather than leave them hanging in our closets to collect dust, we decided to pull them out and zip them up for a good cause—and we’re asking all of our friends to put on their most outrageous dresses (whether it be that gold lamay 80s prom dress, a poofy orange bridesmaids dress that you swear made you look like a pumpkin, or a frilly frock that just doesn’t fit in at your local wine bar). Only instead of stepping into satin pumps to complete the look, we’re going to lace up our running shoes.

Why? A team of Lost Girls will run a 5K race in New York’s Central Park in spring 2012 wearing our old bridesmaids dresses and collecting pledges to raise money to help fight sex trafficking. To do this, the Lost Girls are excited to announce that we have partnered with the non-profit organization that we volunteered with in Kenya during our round-the-world adventure, Village Volunteers.

Children of sex workers who found a safe place at New Light’s shelter in India

Want to join Runaway Bridesmaids, but don’t live in New York?
Sure, running while wearing poofy, pastel-colored dresses in Central Park is going to attract some funny looks, but we’re asking that you show us your support by pledging just $25 to help fight sex trafficking yourselves. Here is what your money will buy:

  • A book bag for a student = $5
  • A new pair of shoes = $5
  •  A school uniform = $10
  • School supplies for a year= $25
  • Health Care per child (yearly) = $30
  •  A month of food per child = $35
  •   A year of School Tuition = $75 (private), $40 (public)
  •  One month of a child’s living expenses = $100
  • College tuition = $150 year

So what will happen to our dresses once we’ve crossed the finish line? We’ll recycle them again by giving them to the national prom dress drive, Donate My Dress.

If you need a good excuse to have a party yourself, you can plan your own Runaway Bridesmaids fundraising happy in your hometown, and then donate the money you’ve collected to Village Volunteers. Bonus: Anyone who donates gets a tax write- off because Village Volunteers is a 501c3.