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Got a story to tell? Tips to share?

We are currently seeking talented writers to contribute posts, travel essays and service-oriented articles to Lost Girls World. But before you dash off a brilliant piece and send it our way, you should read a bit about the site and our submission guidelines.

Who we are

Since we launched in 2006, Lost Girls World (www.lostgirlsworld.com) has become the premiere travel and lifestyle website for young women. Our readers turn to us as a trusted source of advice and information on ways to fit adventure and exploration into their everyday lives. They’re seeking to fuel and fulfill their wanderlust, and are inspired by stories of other Lost Girls currently on the road and living out their travel wish-lists. Because they want to find the best, most rewarding route to their own dream destinations, Lost Girls World provides smart, service-oriented articles that will help them get there-without sacrificing their career goals or breaking the bank.

What we cover

Become a contributor

Before sending us your story ideas, take a spin through our website and familiarize yourself with the various departments and sections. Then send your pitch to one of our five section editors below (click their names to email)

  • Mary Desmond (Dispatches from the Road, Travel Guides, Caribbean Travel)
  • Jackie Nochisaki (Travel Guides; How-To/Service, Latin America Travel)
  • Nancy Yeomans (Air Travel News, Dispatches from the Road, Europe Travel)
  • Kristen Putch (Lost Girl of the Week, Travel Guides, North America Travel)
  • Alex Baakes (Travel News, Ask the Travel Coach, Asia/Australia Travel)

Include the section of the site you want to contribute to in the subject line of your email.

You can also paste your 500 to 1,000 word submission your message in the body of the email, along with a paragraph or two about you. If you’re pitching an idea for a story or series that you’d like to write during or directly after a trip, please be as detailed as possible about your angle (ie, “Four new nightclubs in Barcelona ” or “10 Ways to Order Tapas Like a Local” rather than just telling us that you’re going to in Spain) . If we accept your story or pitch, you’ll be assigned to work with one of editors and given a deadline for submission.

Paid Articles

At this time, Lost Girls World pays $12 each for the following article types:

1. “Pitching 101: How to Pitch…” Writers will interview the editor of a major paying travel publication of website in order to learn how writers can successfully pitch and publish an article through that outlet. In order to get this assignment, you must let us know which travel outlet you intend to write about, and if you already have an established connection there. Past examples include:

2. Country and City Guides If you have a deep knowledge of a particular destination (and have traveled there personally) you can submit a travel guide for that part of the world. Before pitching us, please check out the following example of a travel guide. Future guides don’t need to be quite as lengthy, but should follow this format:

All payments will be made via Paypal. At this time, we are not paying for the other articles that we publish, but may do so in the future.

Nominate a friend (or yourself!) as our next Lost Girl of the Week

Without a doubt, the Lost Girl of the Week series is most popular one on our site. If you or a friend have an inspiring travel- or career break-related story to share, please email to details to our LG of the Week editor, Kristen Putch.  If possible, be sure to attached a photo along with a link to their website or blog.

Intern for Lost Girls World

Each semester, we invite at least one talented college or grad student to work with our editorial team on all aspects of website production and promotion. The ideal candidates for these positions are creative, web-savvy self-starters with a passion for travel and strong interest in writing, reporting and editing. Previous web or magazine experience is a plus, but not required. To learn more about upcoming internship opportunities and find out how to apply, visit our internships page here.

Work for Lost Girls World

We are currently accepting resumes for various positions on the Lost Girls World editorial team. While these positions are currently unpaid (sorry—we’re working on that!) regular contributors will  receive stipends for their work and other benefits. Several of our contributors have had their work used or reprinted in larger publications (including Huffington Post and US Airways in-flight magazine) so we think being a Lost Girl has its unique benefits! Write to us at  lostgirlsworld@gmail.com if you’re interested in learning more.