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The Design Lover’s Guide to Siem Reap

By Alexandra Baackes Siem Reap, and perhaps Cambodia in general, is known primarily for one thing: Angkor Wat. The famous archeological site and world wonder brings travelers from around the globe to stay at the nearby town of Siem Reap. Unfortunately, many make the mistake of breezing in to see the...
January 13th, 2012 | Cambodia | Read More

96 Hours in Northern Italy: 4 Cities in 4 Days

96 Hours in Northern Italy: 4 Cities in 4 Days
By Patty Hodapp For art history buffs or shopping gurus who like to browse through designer stores, markets or spend your travels at museums and churches, Northern Italy is definitely the place to be. The major cities are connected by train, so you can see all four of them even if you’re stuck...
July 15th, 2009 | City Travel, Food & Wine, Italy, Lost Girls, Shopping & Style, Spiritual Travel, Studying Abroad, Tours & Attractions, Train, Walking | Read More