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Lost in Korea: 5 Things I’ve Learned By Teaching Kindergarteners

by Kissairis Munoz Because the Korean school year runs from March through February, my two kindergarten classes graduated up to elementary school last week. Watching them across the stage in their little graduation gowns to get their diplomas, I have to admit that I was misty eyed. After spending every...
February 28th, 2012 | Solo Travel, south korea, Working Abroad | Read More

Lost Girl of the Week: Cecilia (Cici) Haynes

Lost Girl of the Week: Cecilia (Cici) Haynes
This week’s Lost Girl, Cici Haynes, graduated from the University of Virginia last year, and currently lives in Lhasa, Tibet. She is a third culture kid (TCK) who was born in Hong Kong and has lived in Calcutta, Taiwan, Beijing, New Delhi, the U.S., Chennai, and Manila. Soon after graduating, she...
November 30th, 2011 | Lost Girl of the Week | Read More