Ask the Travel Coach! Real-World Advice for Long-Term Travel

Travel Coach Tara RussellQuestions about travel are a little bit like snowflakes: No two trips—or travelers for that matter—are ever exactly alike.

That’s why, when you’re trying to determine the right time in your life to schedule a career break, the best way to squeeze all of your dream destinations into just six months or how exactly you’re going to break the news to your boss/parents/friends/live-in boyfriend, it’s essential to get feedback from someone who’s really knows what they’re talking about.

Enter Tara Russell, CPCC and CDC, a “Life Sabbatical & Long Term Travel Coach,” and the expert behind the Lost Girls’ new column “Ask the Travel Coach.” She’s passionate about working with men and women—at every life stage—who dream of taking time off to travel, life, work, study or volunteer abroad. While Tara typically does one-on-one travel coaching we’re psyched that each month on LGW, she’ll also be addressing on some of the more common questions, concerns and fears faced by those of us dreaming about or planning extended adventures.

Planning Your Ultimate Getaway? Get Tara’s Undivided Attention—and Advice

As the Founder and President of Three Month Visa Coaching and Consulting, Tara helps empower her clients to change their lives (and ultimately the world at large!), through meaningful international travel experiences. While she’s a fantastic coach and businesswoman, Tara definitely doesn’t sit behind a desk and dispense wisdom to would-be wanderers! She’s also an avid traveler who personally believes in the rejuvenating effects of taking time off: Tara’s journeys have propelled her from the ancient ruins of Peru and rainforests of the Brazilian Amazon to the temples of Japan and the Himalayan Mountain ranges of Nepal.

Since each and every one of our trips represents a personal journey—both physically and emotionally—it can really help to have a guide along to show us the way. That’s Tara! No one is better equipped to provide the support, inspiration and solid recommendations you need to make your travel dreams a reality. She’ll not only walk you through the steps, she’ll help you avoid some of the common pitfalls faced by many career breakers, and help you get more out of the experience than you ever thought possible.

Three Month VisaGet a Free 30-minute consultation with Tara!

If you’re considering a career break, and think you might need a little guidance in order to take the leap, get in touch with Tara—for free! Lost Girls readers can get a free half-hour session with Tara—important for you to decide if travel coaching is the right move for you—just by emailing or calling and mentioning the coupon code: LOSTGIRLS30. We can personally vouch–she’s really easy to talk to and one of the best travel strategists we’ve ever met. Go say hello, and tell her we sent you!


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