Get Lost! How to Plan Your Own Journey

1. Find A Bargain Flight

Get ultra-cheap fares on round-the-world (RTW), open-jaw and traditional airline tickets

You’ve made the decision to take off and see the world—congrats! Now that that’s done, you’ve got a  truly mind-boggling decision on your hands: Should you choose a series of cheap one-way flights or a pre-booked round-the-world ticket?

The answer depends on the type of travel that you’re doing, how much flexibility that you want during your adventure and your total trip budget. To help you get on track–and up in the air–in the right way we suggest doing some reading (check out this piece on our own RTW ticket dilemma) and getting a sense of what your proposed round the world adventure might cost by visiting the Airtreks Virtual Trip planner.

2. Book Your Bed

Find hostels, budget hotels, B&Bs, tents…even treehouses!…at the lowest rates on the web

Booking a place to sleep for the night–or for the month–can actually be a straightforward, fun and rewarding experience, thanks to the advent of easy-to-use hostel booking search engines. Ours is powered by HostelWorld, a UK-based company that has the largest and best inventory of hostels, guesthouses, b&bs and budget accommodations on the internet.  To get started browsing, or lock in the best rates on rooms,  click here.

3. Get Travel Insurance (it’s a non-negotiable!)

Secure deals on short-term, RTW and last minute policies

If there’s one thing that you absolutely cannot hit the road without, it’s travel insurance. Your US-based health plan won’t cover you abroad if you get sick, hurt, (or have your stuff stolen!), and any of these scenarios could easily turn into an amazing adventure into a trip-ender. For just a few dollars per week, you can protect your health, your possessions and have the peace of mind that should anything go wrong (and it often does!) you’re almost totally protected.  As we discovered during our own RTW trip, the best and one of the most popular travel insurance companies is World Nomads: Their site is easy to use, the policies are written in easy-to-understand language and are affordable on almost every budget. To find out what the policies cover, and how much they cost for as little as one-week of coverage, click here.

For more info on the right plan for you, read our article “Do I Need Travel Insurance? Your 10 Most Common Questions about Coverage – Answered.”

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Plan Overland Travel
Eurail Passes, Train Tickets, Buses

Stock Up on Essential Track Gear (then get packing!)

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