Pre-Trip Questions

“Immerse yourself in something you’d never have the time to do—or the access to—at home. Go right up to the edge of your comfort zone; try something that almost seems daring or even a little scary.” Tara Russell (Founder, Three Month Visa)

As you start contemplating Getting Lost, ask yourself these questions:

1. What is the main goal for my journey? What do I want to get out of going?
2.  What type of skills or growth will l get out of it and how can I apply them to my daily life?
3. How can I make this trip work within my budget and timeframe? How long would I need to plan/prepare and save for this journey?
4.  Would I be willing to quit my job to have this experience?
5.  How important is it to me to have extensive interactions with locals?
6.  Am I more comfortable traveling solo or with a partner/group?
7. Do I want a highly structured experience, a completely spontaneous journey or something in between?
8. Am I okay with being unplugged from technology/traveling to a remote location or do I need to be feel connected/in a more modern area?
9. How far out of my comfort zone am I willing to venture?